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The Evolution of Nursing

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In the early years (and still the case for many), women were the caretakers of family and community. It became natural for women to move into the nursing profession. The Civil War gave birth to a wide range of hospitals and the development of nursing qualifications. 

There have been several very notable women who changed the face of nursing, and you can see some of those in the infographic below. Nursing is a career that many people are excited by, and rightfully so. There are so many opportunities for nurses to work all over the world. 

While initially, most nurses began working in wartime, volunteering, and taking care of the sick and injured people. Over time women started receiving training to become nurses and would work in small to mid-sized hospitals. The training would take 2-3 years, and there was mostly observation. 

Nursing education looks different now; the training is more formal and more advanced to meet people’s needs and the advancement in medicine. 

Nurses are now required to go to college and university to complete formal training and education. They will continue learning and training long after their initial time within the formal education setting. 

Nurses of today are highly-skilled in patient care, technology, and in their specialist field too. 

Nursing has evolved into a place where there is an army of caring professionals that take care of the most vulnerable members of our society. In the future, we will have even more technological advancements and medical milestones to contend with. To see more about the interesting history of nursing, have a look at the infographic below.

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