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Tasks to Outsource to a Blog Assistant (or Blog VA)

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Tasks to Outsource to a Blog Virtual Assistant
Bloggers are busy, there’s no doubt about that. Between creating and publishing quality content, they are constantly trying to reach their goals of higher traffic, larger social media audiences, bringing home more money, and general networking. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Bloggers face a guantlet of responsibilities and tasks on a daily basis to not just maintain their blogs, but to advance them and make them better.

Hiring a virtual assistant (or blog assistant, or VA) can be the perfect way for a blogger to pass on some of the administrative tasks so that they can focus on building relationships, creating GOOD content, and getting back to the simple joy of sharing with their readers.

Here’s a great list of tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant to help your blog.

Email management – filter out the junk and help you sort what needs attention, file receipts, even respond to media inquiries

Editorial calendar creation and management – plan out your content and what you’ll post when

Sponsored content creation

Adding alt tags to photos in blog posts – great task if you have hundreds of posts with images and are looking to ‘spring clean’ your blog and make sure all photos are correct and ready for Pinterest

Publishing pre-written/draft content – can schedule and publish posts for you after they have been written

Giveaway promotion – using Facebook groups, social media and linkies

Pitching companies to participate in giveaways, reviews

Twitter following clean up

Twitter lists creation and organization – I still love to use Twitter lists as a way to organize news sources, favorite bloggers, brands I love, etc.

Pinterest pinning – both live pinning and scheduling pins

Facebook page scheduling (especially when you want to post multiple times a day, some bloggers are doing 12, 18, 24 posts per day!)

Technical support

Commenting on other blogs – can also help respond to comments on your own blog to encourage engagement

“Linky” (link-up) parties for relevant blog posts

Review posts (well, everything but the actual opinions/review and photos, but pulling the product/service information together)

Proofing blog posts and formatting

Video editing, creation

The list just goes on and on. You can hire an assistant who also has social media experience and can manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, StumbleUpon, etc. accounts as well. This would include setting up a posting schedule, creating and curating content to share on them and interacting with each audience.

By allowing an assistant to take over some of the “mundane” tasks, you can return your focus to your content. Whether you want more time to actually write, more time to cook and photograph, or more time to craft and play, a blog assistant or VA could be a great choice for you! Click the image below to learn more about what Blog Assistant Media can offer you and your blog.

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