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Summer Backyard Water Play Safety Tips

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This post is in partnership with Goldfish Swim School.  

Summer is here and that means that everyone – young and old – wants to find ways to stay cool. For our kids, if they aren’t hiding in the air-conditioned house, they are begging to play in the pool. I love the pool because they can splash around and be crazy while staying cool and burning off some of that neverending energy they have, but as a mom, I have the responsibility of making sure anything they do in the backyard is safe. Thanks to our friends at Goldfish Swim School, we have some tips on backyard pool safety and other ways to keep your backyard safe and fun during the summer.

Backyard Pool Safety

  1. When setting up your pool (if it’s an inflatable), make sure the yard is free of hazards like rocks and sticks that could puncture or tear the pool and cause issues. I was worried about this because our pool is a 10 x 30 and if something happens, we have a TON of water dumping out and if the kids are in the pool when this happens, it could be dangerous!
  2. Go over the rules often. Whatever rules you put in place, make sure to go over them often. You can’t expect kids to remember, so before your pool “opens”, go through the rules with them and then every week, do a little pop quiz on them. Things like no running, no toys in the pool unless they are approved for the pool, no food in the pool, etc.
  3. Keep your pool clean! Depending on the kind of pool, you may have a pump and filter and chlorine dispenser and all that jazz, so stay on top of keeping the water clear and removing any debris. If it’s a small wading pool, dump the water and wash it out whenever it seems dirty. To sanitize, you can swirl a cup or two of bleach around or wash with soap and water.
  4. Have a water watcher! Drowning and other injuries can happen anytime, so have an adult who has both eyes on the pool at all times. No phone, no book, no magazine, no napping! This is a reason we love Goldfish Swim School – they put an emphasis on water safety! Not in a drill sergeant manner or anything like that, but they make sure that all students learn water safety and practice it.

Other Backyard Safety Tips

  1. Make your backyard a safe place for the kids to play by keeping the grass cut, remove rocks and sticks, and keep the trash cans closed and away from their play area. If you have dogs who do their business outside, keep that cleaned up as well. Keep things like the grill and lawn tools put away so the kids can just play and not worry about these things in their play space.
  2. Be weather aware! This also applies when enjoying the pool, but keep an eye on the weather. No one should be in the pool when there is lightning or thunder, so make sure the kids understand that when an adult says it’s time to get out, that they listen and move quickly. Storms can pop-up in minutes, so check the radar often and if you do have your smartphone outside, set up weather alerts and keep your volume up! This is an easy way to get an audible warning before a storm is close and helps keep everyone safe.



If you’re interested in having your child learn to swim, I highly encourage you to look into Goldfish Swim School and see if a location is near you! Indoor swimming lessons mean the weather doesn’t interfere and you can take lessons year-round, not just when the community pool is open.

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