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Sugarlands Blackberry Moonshine Frozen Ice Pops

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This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Sugarlands Distilling Company.

I love fruity drinks, especially when it’s summer and hot and you don’t want to move because you’ll get all sweaty and gross so you just sit there and pray for a breeze. Yep, that’s 100% me during summer. So when it comes to having something to drink, it needs to be ice cold. In fact, forget having to actually drink it, let’s just freeze it and REALLY cool down! These Sugarlands Distilling Co. Moonshines are so perfect for hot summer days (and nights) and for getting creative with.

The Blockader’s Blackberry Moonshine is dynamite, but add some pineapple juice and club soda and stick in the freezer and you have the most perfect adults-only ice pop ever! It’s fruity and you’ll never even know there’s 40 proof moonshine in there!

With the leftover pineapple juice, well, get creative! I split the pineapple juice into these cute little glasses and added a (big) splash of Sugarlands Mark Rogers American Peach moonshine. You know, just a little treat since I had to wait overnight for the ice pops to freeze!

Sugarlands Distilling Co. is locating in downtown Gatlinburg, TN, and while you’re there you can sample their spirits, take a behind-the-scenes tour and even enjoy live regional music. I know that I want to get back to Gatlinburg and get a tour sometime!

Want to have fun this summer at your next backyard BBQ? Set up a table with all kinds of cocktail ingredients like fresh fruit, ice, cayenne pepper, Sugarlands spirits, fruit juices, club soda, champagne, etc. and let your guests Create Their Own! For those not brave enough to concoct their own, print out my recipe and others found at the Sugarlands website to help guide them along.

The ice pop sleeves that I have are AMAZING and can be purchased on Amazon. This recipe makes 4 ice pops, so you can adjust the recipe as you’d like. I kept it super simple for measuring purposes but the flavor is great and they are a pretty color! Adding the fruit is totally optionally, just be sure to remove the air from each ice pop sleeve, seal, and then smoosh the fruit around to evenly distribute.

Blackberry Moonshine Frozen Ice Pops
Yield: 4 ice pops

Blackberry Moonshine Frozen Ice Pops


  • 4 ounces Blockader's Blackberry Moonshine
  • 4 ounces pineapple juice
  • 4 ounces club soda
  • blackberries and crushed pineapple, Optional


  1. Mix liquid ingredients together in a large measuring cup with pour spout or a small pitcher. 
  2. Slowly fill each ice pop sleeve to fill line.
  3. Add a few smashed blackberries and crushed pineapple to each ice pop if you'd like a bit of texture and added flavor.
  4. Freeze overnight.

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