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Staying Safe as a Single Mom

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Staying Safe as a Single MomThis post brought to you by contributing writer Jenna.

I’ve had friendships with countless single moms over the years. And although these strong women are perfectly capable and okay with being the breadwinner and providing their children with love and support, there are also a few concerns about providing a safe environment.

The truth is, even if we live on the safest, quietest block in America, no one is immune to violence and theft. And as a single mom, you may fear an intruder taking advantage of your living situation, and perhaps breaking into your home in the middle of the night or while you’re away at work. Although you shouldn’t obsess about this possibility, it’s certainly worth thinking about.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee your safety and the safety of your child. But you can take measures to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.

#1. Kid-friendly watchdog

Have your kids been begging for a canine companion? If you’re considering additional safety measures, now might be the time to think about adding a four-legged friend into the mix.

Several kid-friendly breeds make excellent watchdogs, such as a German Shepard, an Irish Settler, a Collie and a Great Dane. Don’t be intimidated by their size. With their super senses, these dogs will alert you to possible intruders on your property, plus their barking can deter a possible home invasion, keeping your family safe.

#2. Home alarm system

Yes, there is a monthly monitoring fee, but the peace of mind heavily outweighs the price. With any home security system, the equipment itself may be minimal, but it contains a powerhouse of resources. For example, a general device has an alarm sounds whenever your doors and windows open; and with a motion sensor, the alarm will sound if a burglar enters your house through a window or door without a sensor. You can leave your older children home alone and sleep soundly knowing that your loved ones are protected. In addition, an alarm system can notify you of other possible dangers, such as a fire in the home or carbon monoxide.

#3. Make adjustments outdoors

To keep your kids (and yourself) safe, don’t be an easy target. Burglars are particular, and they’re more likely to target your home if there’s an effortless way to enter and leave. To avert an attack, keep your front and back doors well lit. If you don’t want to keep your outdoor lights on all night, install motion-sensor lights. Also, make sure the fence is locked each night, and trim brushes against your windows and doors.

#4. Install a peephole

If your front door doesn’t have a peephole, call a handyman and install one. This simple project takes less than an hour and costs between $20 and $30. And even with a peephole, be cautious and do not open the door if you don’t recognize the person on the other side, especially if it’s a man. If this person discovers that a husband or boyfriend doesn’t live in the home, he might return later when you’re asleep or away from the house.

Living alone with your children can be scary at times. However, the necessary precautions can protect your kids and reduce your chances of theft.


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