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Staying Confident When Losing Weight As a Mom

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Staying Confident When Losing Weight As a MomThis is a sponsored post in partnership with 3Wishes to inspire confident women!

Losing weight as a mom is hard. Between tracking what you eat, working out and trying to do everything else we have on our plates (like the housework, taking care of kids, working), it’s just plain HARD. I should know – I’m on a mission to lose a lot of weight and get healthy for my family. Between grocery shopping, tracking meals, working out, keeping the kids entertained and the house cleaned, all of it is just hard.

It also doesn’t help when your sweet little 5 year old sees your bare stomach and says, “You have a big belly!”. Thanks, kid. They have no filter, and they really can’t help it. As an adult and a mom, I know this, but it doesn’t mean that those comments don’t sting just a little bit.

I’ve been down this road before – trying to lose weight. Something that helped was rewarding myself and knowing that for the weight I lost, I could reward myself. Not with food, of course, but things like new shoes, new makeup, something to make me feel GOOD.

As a mom to a girl, I also feel an enormous amount of pressure to NOT talk about losing weight in front of her. I don’t want her thinking that’s “just what girls do”. I don’t want her seeing her mom cuss at the scale when it’s not moving, or standing naked in front of the mirror wishing the rolls and stretch marks would just… go away. As a girl mom, it’s hard. I have to talk about “healthy food”, and “staying active” and “having fun”. It’s just another element that makes getting healthy and losing weight a bit more difficult.

Through all of this, there are certain things you can do to feel more confident while losing weight as a mom.

Reward yourself with something that makes you feel good. Whether that’s some new lip gloss, a bubble bath you never buy for yourself because the kids will just use it all, or something a bit racier. No one has to see it, you can go with something that’s completely hidden by clothes – but you’ll know it’s on and you’ll love how it feels and feel good about yourself. Places like have exactly what I’m talking about. They have everything from lingerie to adult costumes and killer shoes and boots.

Of course, nothing feels as good as someone telling you how beautiful you are… so don’t be afraid to flaunt that new little piece ;-)


Mom Wife Low Carb Obsessed shirt(PS. you can buy that shirt HERE!)

Stop comparing your body to others. Every BODY is different. I’m 5 foot even and the “ideal” weight for my height sounds like a really scary low number. That doesn’t mean I’m going to FEEL good at that weight. Whatever weight I hit where I feel good in my clothes, where I enjoy shopping, that’s where I want to be.

Have fun while losing weight as a mom. Go for walks with the family, go hiking, go swimming, have dance parties. See how those are all some kind of cardio but still a fun activity? Working out doesn’t have to be strictly business, you can make it fun. Laughing and smiling makes anyone more confident, so don’t be afraid of cutting loose.

When you do get to that point of feeling good, forget the number and reward yourself. A lot of women tend to do a boudoir photo shoot. I won’t lie and say that hasn’t crossed my mind because of course, it has. The photos are gorgeous, and what a way to show how confident and beautiful you are. You can do one at any point during your weight loss journey, not just your “end”. Browse the website for a couple of outfits and if you need to, keep them in mind as motivation. Losing weight as a mom does not mean you can’t enjoy the journey.

Don’t let the number on the scale control your confidence. You are beautiful at all stages of life, during any weight loss journey.