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She Wasn’t Supposed To Grow Up

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16 month old daughterEvery day this little girl is doing something new and blowing me away with how smart and full of attitude she is. I can’t believe that she’s 16 months old! Time has just FLOWN and it feels like if I blink, she’s just going to be this teenager and want nothing to do with me anymore.

I spoil her. It could easily be because she’s the only girl, but one of the most special times of the day for me is bedtime. We sit in her room, where it’s dark, and I hold her until she falls asleep. She’s too big for my lap, her legs hang over mine and we work together to find a comfortable position. It’s our time. It’s quiet, it’s dark, and we both unwind. I love watching her fall asleep. I’ve even laid her in her crib and stood there and watched for a moment. It’s just this special time that I’m not ready to part with.

I want our relationship to be a positive one. I want her to be comfortable talking with me and be able to trust me. So I want to start now, and have these special moments. She’s smart but she’s still so little so the easiest way I can show her that she can trust me is to love her, change her, bathe her, feed her, talk to her, hold her – everything a mother should do.

Gah, it’s insane how much I love that little stinky butt! I sit back sometimes and watch all three play and just can. not. believe that I have three children. How cool is that?!



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