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Reasons Why Goldfish Swim School is a MUST For Any Family

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Reasons Why Goldfish Swim School is a MUST For Any Family

I can’t remember how I learned how to swim as a kid. I think I was one of those kids that just got thrown in and had to figure it out for myself. That’s not something I wanted for my kids, so when Goldfish Swim School reached out to us, I knew this partnership was meant to be. The kids will be taking weekly swim lessons and I’ll be sharing their progress here and on social media!

Our very first visit, I was blown away. Most of the places that offer swim lessons here are only during the summer when outdoor pools can be utilized. Not at Goldfish – you can take year round lessons, even in the dead of winter, because the pool is kept at 90 degrees! That’s just ONE of the many reasons going to Goldfish Swim School is the RIGHT choice for any family.

Goldfish Swim School instructors are trained and full of energy

Reasons Why Goldfish Swim School is a MUST For Any Family

  1. Class sizes are small. There are no more than 4 children per instructor, so it’s very personal and for your 30-minute lesson, your child feels safe and comfortable with their new swimming friends!
  2. The check-in process is so simple. On your first visit, your child is given a special key card with a barcode on it. Every time you arrive, you simply scan the barcode and it checks your child in and shows you what lane they are on. It’s very simple, and if you keep the card on your keys, it’s easy to remember!
  3. The parent viewing area has PLENTY of seating. You’ll see the flow of traffic and how it quickly becomes a routine. With five minutes left at the end of a session, parents are called in to see their child’s progress. During that five-minute window is when you can claim a chair or two at your child’s lane. This is also the perfect time for a last minute bathroom run!
  4. Encouragement and ribbons. There are not just plenty of high-fives and cheers, the instructors give out ribbons for various milestones. You’ll see what happens at their first lesson, it will help solidify that you are in the right place.
  5. Goodies! After each lesson, your child can take home a balloon and a special “treat”. The balloon is probably the most exciting thing for my kids, they love picking a color and bringing it home to play “keep away”.
  6. Showers, large bathrooms, changing rooms, swimsuit dryer and hair dryers. You guys, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to get everyone dried, dressed, and even our swimsuits dried after each lesson. Your first time will be chaotic, trust me. It took us like 30 minutes to get everyone showered, dried, dressed and ready to leave. There are showers with body wash and shampoo available so you can rinse off or wash up completely, then there are changing rooms to use for drying and getting dressed. I’ve actually seen quite a few parents wear their own swim suit under their clothes and quickly strip down to that to help their little one shower off. I ended up partially soaked our first time, so this is kind of a genius idea! The swimsuit dryer is great and only takes a couple of minutes. There is also a hair drying station with several blow dryers and a big mirror. This is PERFECT for cold weather so no one goes outside with wet hair!
  7. Family swim hours. Outside of your regular lessons, your family can take advantage of the Goldfish Swim School facilities for family swim time! This is such a great opportunity to have fun and see how your child is progressing with their lessons.
  8. You can have parties and special events at Goldfish Swim School! How awesome would it be to have an indoor pool party for a birthday? It’s definitely something to consider if your family loves Goldfish!
  9. The entire staff is trained and certified and so incredibly friendly and helpful. During our first visit, we had a quick tour (definitely ask for one!) and every staff member we have met has been so great. The instructors love what they do – you can see it with how interactive and fun each lesson is. They make it fun so it doesn’t seem like work, and the kids just love it!

If I’ve persuaded you into at least seeing if Goldfish Swim School might be a match for you and your family, go see where the closest location is.