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My Keto Lifestyle Survival Items

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bumble Bee® Seasoned Tuna Pouch with Spoon.

My Keto Lifestyle Survival Items

You might be aware that I’ve been eating healthier and following a keto lifestyle since the end of March. It’s been amazing – it’s not some weird fad diet, it doesn’t involve weird products, and it wasn’t difficult (for me, at least) to give up the carb-loaded foods I was used to eating. There have been some things that have definitely made the journey thus far easier and are things I definitely recommend for anyone wanting to start this lifestyle.

I suppose you could call these my keto survival items!

It’s so important to drink enough water every day. I have a daily goal of half my weight in ounces, so I always have water with me. Plain water does get boring after a while, so I do like water enhancers in different flavors.

Walking shoes and headphones.
I don’t actually work out a lot, but walking is something I can do just about any day and it doesn’t require a gym membership or fancy, expensive equipment. I recently bought Bluetooth headphones and they are amazing.

An active lifestyle needs portable and affordable food options

A body scale, a food scale, and a tape measure.
What goes in should be weighed for proper portions and to avoid overeating. A food scale helps keep you on track and they aren’t expensive. A body scale, if you are losing weight, helps you see what you are losing but the tape measure will show you what the scale might not. I’ve had stalls, I’ve had gains, and you know what? Even with those, I’ve lost inches and a scale can’t tell me that. For me, I track my weight daily and measurements once a month, maybe twice a month. I track my weight so often because I want to pay attention to things like a new ingredient maybe kicking me out of ketosis, or water weight/bloating. I can track all of those things and learn more about my body. It shows me that my lifestyle change was a very good idea, and then I’m not so scared to share a photo like this…

Easy food.
Nothing that I eat now is complicated. Even the pizza I make for us I now have the recipe memorized and it’s so easy to pet together. Anything that is portable and can go with us easily is a definite win. With three kids, we have swim lessons and soccer plus school functions, so we can spend a whole day away from home and of course the kids are easy to feed, but what about us? Bumble Bee® Seasoned Tuna Pouch with Spoon are little lifesavers – delicious, portable, and they come with their own spoon! Could everything come with their own utensil if needed? Ian loves the different flavors and will take these to work for lunch since they are packed with protein and don’t require refrigeration.

A lot of what we eat can be pretty portable, things like pepperoni, cheese, pork rinds, deli meats are easy to take with us but the variety of flavors that the Seasoned Tuna Pouch come in helps keep things mixed up. Sometimes what we eat does become kind of mundane, so having some jalapeno tuna kicks things up. With keto, it’s best to keep things simple but you can still enjoy great flavors!

My keto survival items are just that – they are mine. If you start a keto journey, you will quickly learn what your favorite foods are. If you love tuna, the Seasoned Tuna Pouch varieties are a must-try!

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