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Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND Dog Food 30 Day Check In

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Tweak dog on floor

Our household has been busy! We’ve started fourth grade for the oldest, we went on vacation, we’ve been working and enjoying time spent making our home pretty, and we’ve been loving on our dogs. Mixed in there has been a new food trial for one of our dog’s, Tweak. For 30 days, we gave Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND a trial run.

I want to tell you a little bit about Tweak, and share our dog love story in a video (check below!). We adopted Tweak in 2013, along with her mom (Jesse). We weren’t expecting to bring home TWO dogs, it just kind of happened. We went to the shelter to “look” and to meet some of the dogs. One of the employees said she had a great choice for us, but would we even be willing to meet them?

I think this picture says it all…

2013-02-03 16.50.04

It was so quick how we went from just the two of us, to three, to four, to five, to seven! Don’t be fooled, they look tough but they are quite the opposite. These dogs are gentle, lazy, great nappers. You’ll see in the video a little bit of the “torture” Tweak has endured with our family. I mean, the amount of cuddling is just ridiculous in this house!

Since it’s our responsibility to be good owners and choose the best food for their needs, I knew that as they got older, those needs would change. Tweak was a happy, healthy dog when we adopted her but over time, she’s aged. She’s ten years old, and that makes her a senior dog. She doesn’t jump up and run around in circles like a pup, not anymore!

2015-08-29 15.13.48

So what is Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND? It’s a specially formulated dog food for seniors (older than 7) to increase cognitive awareness and mental alertness. Owners who have made Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND a part of their dog’s daily diet may notice differences in owner-dog interaction, their interest in playing and even the ability to adapt and cope with change. Have you ever noted some of the behaviors of your older dog? Perhaps they bark at just about everything, or even things you don’t see or hear? Maybe they aren’t as playful, or their lose interest more quickly.

Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND could be the dog food you are looking for. For me, the choice is easy. I want Tweak, and all of our dogs, to live long and healthy lives. I want to feed them foods that are good for them, easy on their digestive systems, and that have wholesome quality ingredients. It’s not fair to them to do otherwise. They can’t speak their minds!

So have we seen changes in Tweak? I know that our week-long vacation made her a little anxious. Since she came from a shelter, we always feel bad leaving them for any length of time. The typical reaction is for her to not eat as much while we are away, so we were faced with that slight issue. Her new food combined with welcoming us home made for one very excited girl! She wouldn’t leave my side and was very attentive when I would call for her from across the house. Even amidst the kids running around and yelling, she would come right to me. Since not every dog will respond right away, we are going to keep this food for her. She loves it and eats it right up, and we haven’t noticed any adverse reactions, so I’m excited to see how she does now that we are home and won’t have a vacation in the middle of the trial.

If you have an older dog, look into Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND and it’s benefits. Visit PetSmart to learn more and take note: if you spend $10 on any Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog or Cat Food* at PetSmart between 8/31 and 10/4, you can save $10 on your next Purina Pro Plan Dry Food purchase, 14-lb. or more, on or before 11/1. *Subject to availability. Transaction total is after discounts and before taxes.