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Pamper Yourself while You Have the Time

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When you have some spare time alone, there’s nothing quite like finding some ways to pamper yourself before the kids get home or your partner returns from a trip. Here are some ideas.

How About a Quick Treatment?

Your skin says a lot about you. Of course, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about if you have blemishes, birthmarks, or skin conditions because most people do. But you can reduce these if you are sensitive, but you also feel amazing when your skin is as smooth as glass using methods such as the Korean skincare routine. However, just lying on a soft and inviting bed with a face mask on while reading a good book is one slice of heavenly pie we can all enjoy.

Dust Off the Foot Spa

The home spa tech industry is not as big as it used to be. But if you are one of those people who bought into things like shiatsu massage chairs and other devices, you can get them out when you have some time alone. For most people, the foot spa is usually the first foray into home wellness. Most people use them a couple of times and forget them, like gym stuff. But foot spas have great benefits, such as feeling great, boosting circulation, and soothing aches.

Pamper Yourself with a Manicure

Whether you enjoy visiting a salon or doing your nails yourself, a manicure makes you feel amazing, especially if you use your hands a lot for work. For example, if you write on a keyboard for a living, you might get sore fingertips, damaged cuticles, and uneven fingernails. A simple filing will help. But while you have the time, take your nails to the next level. Follow up filing with a buffer to remove skin and smooth the nails, then finish off with a nail shiner.

Take a Very Long Bath

Is there anything more relaxing than a perfectly drawn bath? Probably not for most of us. While a hot bath can be bad for your skin, it’s fine to take one every now and then. The perfect temperature is between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit which is just above your body temperature. Then all you need to do is set the mood with some candles, add your favorite fragrances or oils, and get the music playing. Oh, and make sure to switch off your phone!

Snuggle Up and Binge Watch

After a long day of pampering, you can round out the day by snuggling up in the late afternoon or early evening. Getting on the couch or in your bed with fluffy blankets in your best PJs just feels amazing. But what to do? A book is great. But why not catch up on the latest show everyone is talking about? Now is the time to get as comfy as you can and give Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Apple TV+ a blast while you have some time left to yourself before going back to work.


Taking the time to pamper yourself is highly recommended so you can de-stress. Refresh yourself with skincare, freshen up your nails, and finish off with a comfy streaming binge.