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Overcome The Afternoon Slump With NeuEnergy

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeuEnergy. All opinions are 100% mine.


NeuEnergy chewable energy tabsApparently, I am a morning person. Not that I want to get out of my comfortable and warm bed, but that when I do get my feet on the ground, I am ready to go! I am my most productive before lunch in all things home life and business. Unless I’m sick, I’m ready to get the laundry going, the dishwasher emptied, emails answered, things get taken care of.

But then lunch happens and it’s followed by the afternoon slump. I’m a bit tired, I feel like I’ve used all of my mental energy, and I’m just not as productive. I’m now easily distracted, bouncing from project to project, listening to music… it’s like a complete opposite from my morning!

So, for a few days now, I have been feeling myself get close to that “afternoon slump” and I’ve reached for NeuEnergy to see if it helps my energy levels, both physically and mentally.

A serving size is two chewable tabs, and they taste great with no after-taste or grittiness. Easy to take, and easy to keep in my desk, car or purse.

So while they taste great, did they help? They sure did! I’ve seen my afternoons become more productive, I’m able to focus on projects again, and even finish up some of the household things that usually wait until the next morning! For something so easy to take, these are a new favorite! With the chewable tags available on Amazon and in Meijer stores, I’ll be able to replenish my stock easily.

If you’re a morning person, do you then deal with an afternoon slump? Have you found a way to get your energy back that isn’t loaded with sugar or results in a crash? (Things NeuEnergy does not have)

If you’re an afternoon person, wouldn’t it be great to try NeuEnergy in the morning and kick start your day? Being productive is so important – whether we’re running a household or a business – and there’s only so many hours in a day that we can work with!

Don’t forget about the #GetNeuEnergy Instagram contest you can enter!

Winners will be voted on by the public and bi-weekly winners will get their choice between Prize Packs. (Which may include NeuEngery products, Bose Headphones and Fit Bits, Grand prize winners will receive a trip Disney World or Cabo San Lucas!)



How to Enter: Post a Selfie on Instagram of you with the NeuEnergy Stick Container, mention @GetNeuEnergy and include the following hashtags: #GetNeuEnergy and #Contest. Click here for contest details and rules.

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