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How To Find The Inspiration To Create Amazing Blog Content

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How To Find The Inspiration To Create Amazing Blog ContentWe all find ourselves in a rut at some point or another during our blogging journey. We feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the social media, so our focus isn’t on creating content that people want to see and read. We might bounce from idea to idea, never really hashing something out 100%. We open to a new page in a notebook, determined to come up with some ideas for new posts and nothing happens. How do you get out of that hole? How do you get inspired and light a fire underneath yourself to create awesome content?


Yes, Feedly is a platform for aggregating various RSS feeds and sources. But it’s also a goldmine. With the ability to create categories and organize the sites how YOU like, you can set Feedly up to help with a lot of various aspects of blogging – including finding inspiration for new content.

feedly for blog inspiration

After you join Feedly, you’ll want to pull in all of your favorite bloggers – including your competition. Break them into categories as you see fit: Recipes/food, parenting, home decor/home design, beauty, fashion, etc so you can easily go to an area of interest and browse the latest posts.

Now, I want to make you aware right now that you are in no way going to get ahead in the blogging world by copying another blogger’s work. That is NOT what this technique is about at all. You are going to get INSPIRED. See all the dessert recipes? Hello chocolate stuffed something or other. See all the posts about potty training? Hello new post about potty training rewards for toddlers! You will not be copying, you will be extending their ideas into something new, something that fits YOU and your audience.



Feedly will automatically pull in new posts so all you need to do is browse. You can also save posts, tag them, email, and share them on social media. What I like to do is open Feedly and open a notebook, ready my pen, and start taking notes. Are there themes? What upcoming holidays are people working on? Anything that will get my mind going.

As you can see in my Feedly, I have categories for myself/my blog as well as work. I can tag posts with things like, “share on Facebook”, “be sure to pin”, etc so over the weekend I can play catch up and clear out some articles.

Feedly is a fantasic tool for reading blogs, but it’s also amazing for finding inspiration for new content!

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