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One Year Ago: Visiting Paris, France

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Visiting Paris France

I cannot believe that a year ago I board a plane with a final destination of Paris, France. There’s something a bit sad about how long it’s been and how much has happened since then. How has it been a year already? Why does time have to fly by so fast?

I thought it would be fun to look back at our trip and share some more photos, mostly unedited ones, and just relive some of the adventures we had. It was such a magical week we spent there, even if it was cold and rainy. There was something special about the rain in Paris – it made everything shine. The streets had this beautiful sheen to them, the lights reflected off of everything, the sound of tires against the slick roads. Those are the sounds of Paris I’ll never forget.


arc de triompe
I knew that going there we would spend a lot of time walking, and I wish that I had taken a step counter to see just how much walking we did. I know that at the end of every day, our feet ached as we collapsed onto the sofa of our rented apartment. Exhaustion and excitement fueled everything we did. We went to bed late and woke up early, hurried to get ready and out the door early so we could do as much as possible each day. Not to mention, getting to the patisserie early meant warm pain au chocolat. Mmmm warm and flaky and filled with chocolate. And surprisingly, when kept in a backpack for an hour long metro ride to Disneyland, still delicious!

Nutella crepe in Paris
One thing I miss was the convenience of the grocery stores. There was one just around the corner from our apartment, perfectly located that you could just pop over and pick up what you needed. Many people used reusable bags and rolling grocery carts to bring their purchases home and I loved that. We don’t have that here (other than the reusable bags), you have to drive to the store and back home. There’s no walking to a museum or a park and then picking up a few things for dinner on your way home. I could do that. I could totally live in Paris and shop at the markets and grocers.

building in Paris
There’s so much that we DIDN’T do that I can’t wait to go back and explore more. We certainly didn’t eat or drink enough while we were there. I imagine my next visit will just be wandering around, eating and drinking my days away. Taking hundreds of photos, buying little souvenirs, and just taking in every moment. I very much look forward to going back and being impressed by the massive presence of the Eiffel Tower. It’s such an amazing feeling to stand underneath and look up and see how small you are. It’s incredible seeing it in books and in movies and then to be there and see it, and feel the excitement as other tourists witness it for the first time.

Eiffel Tower in the background of couple


I’ll be back, Paris.

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