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Never Work With Animals And Children, Unless You’ve Read This Post

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They say you should never work with animals or children. In truth, though, both offer the opportunity of a fulfilling career to beat most others. In many ways, their vulnerability is what leads people to want a career involving their care. They need people to help them, and that person could be you.

Let’s put animals aside for now, though. Here, we’re going to look into the intricacies of working with children. Admittedly, this career isn’t easy. With their social skills still in development, children aren’t always easy to manage. They don’t fall back on polite standards. They certainly aren’t afraid to call you out if they don’t like you.

Yet, many people, from nurses to teachers, opt to work with children anyway. And, if you have that urge in you, it’s likely you’ll do the same. But, it is worth knowing how you can gain the confidence of the kids you come across in your working life. It’ll certainly make your job that bit easier. In truth, this is often a case of trial and error. But, to get you started, we’ve put together three of the things you should consider.

Appearance matters

Most of us know that appearance matters when dealing with high-end business professionals. But, surely you don’t need to worry as much when dealing with kids? This is true in a way. But, appearance does matter where kids are concerned in a whole other way. You need to look approachable. Nurses, for example, can look frightening in their blue surgical scrubs. But, if you stock up on options with character designs like those you’ll find if you browse, you’re sure to make a better impression. Equally, a teacher in a suit may look harsh. But, if you opt for a fun dress instead, you’re sure to get a more favorable initial reaction.

Have fun

Gaining the confidence of those you work with is always important. And, the same applies when working with kids. Only, instead of winning their confidence by working hard, you’ll need to have fun to prove yourself. Ultimately, trust is built through a connection. And, kids will have a hard time connecting with someone who sits at a desk all day. Instead, you need to get to their level. Sit with them and play. Get involved in that crafting session by making something of your own. Don’t be afraid to play pretend. These things are a sure sign to those kids that you’re well worth their time.

Don’t patronize

As can be seen from sites like, it’s also essential you don’t patronize the children you work with. Again, this comes back to being on their level. If you don’t respect them enough to talk to them like adults, they won’t respect you in return. Instead, you need to speak to these children like you would any other client. Don’t use a baby voice or keep information from them. Instead, let them into your confidence. Over time, they may repay the favor by allowing you into theirs.

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