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How to Choose a Fulfilling Career

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How you choose your career is a very personal thing, but if there is one piece of advice everyone should take it is to make sure that you feel fulfilled. Your career is a long, long haul so there’s really no point in doing something you the for all that time.

There are many careers that women, in particular, are pushed towards such as teaching, care work and fashion and while you might feel as though you are just following the crowd, these careers can all be fulfilling. The key is figuring out what you want, even if that means going with the grain.

What Makes You Happy?

One of the first things to think about when you are looking at your career choices is what makes you happy. Whether you are a teenager thinking about prospective jobs or you are jogging towards retirement and thinking about changing path, there is always time to rethink and choose something that will make you happy.

For lots of people, being creative, solving problems and being around other people are all key components of the perfect job and luckily these attributes can be found in all kinds of roles and industries. If you are struggling, make a list of all the things you like to do from going out with friends to shopping or cooking. These things will probably flag up what it is that makes you tick and give you a foundation for your job hunt.

Can You Do Something for Others?

Another aspect of fulfilment is being able to help other people. Care work, teaching, medicine and all kinds of different industries are the best place to look for a career in helping people and there are always lots of openings and opportunities to go for. Searching for staffing help opportunities in these industries is a great way to get started.

However, caring for people is not the only way to do something for others. Careers in research are a great way to make a contribution that may help in the future. Similarly, careers in consultancy and marketing may not be the obvious choice, but you will spend every day thinking about how you can help others with their businesses.

Can You Progress?

Finally, you should think about how you will be able to progress in your career. This is important because over what could be a 50 year career, you will definitely not want to stay in the same job! As your career will be very different to your parents’ you need to think slightly more about how you can be more flexible.  

Progression means different things to different people but broadly speaking having the opportunity to build your skills, the chance to be promoted within your company or even building entirely new skills are all desirable. If you are aiming for the top of the career ladder in your industry, do look at the route that others have taken to get there from your starting position. This will inform you of what you need to do to succeed and how long it will take.