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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover with Nuvo Cabinet Paint

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When we bought our house, I wasn’t in love with a lot of it. I didn’t like the paint colors, the layout of rooms, or the kitchen. I loved that it was OURS and if we wanted to change these things, we could. It was like having the bones and being able to change what I wanted. What I didn’t account for was the cost and time needed to make these changes, so it’s taken years to get things done – but that’s okay. It’s been a long affair with home improvement stores and Pinterest boards! Earlier this year, I took a dive off the deep end and right into making over our kitchen.

I started by finishing the painting we had done in the dining room and the kitchen. The house had a “fiesta” theme to it, so the bright red wall in the kitchen was gone early on, but the yellow remained and the dining room was orange. Once those were painted the “Greyish” color as the rest of the house (yes, that’s really the name and it’s perfect), I wanted to get as close as I could to my dream kitchen.

I don’t know when or why I decided I wanted white cabinets. Maybe when I realized it was a bold move because we have kids and pets and white would be showing allllll the dirt, but I’ve loved white kitchen cabinets for a long time. With the brighter room, I knew the white would look amazing and make the kitchen even brighter and feel bigger. I knew that replacing cabinets would be way too costly, and we have plenty of storage space, so I researched my options for painting.

Having already heard about Nuvo Cabinet Paint and seeing before and afters, I was sold. Nuvo was generous enough to want to collaborate and work together so they provided cabinet painting kits for us and we just supplied painters tape and drop-cloths. I went with the Titanium Infusion and it’s perfect!

The cabinet painting kit has everything you need plus easy to follow instructions. I’m serious, it’s not a complicated process. Yes, it takes time and you will see first-hand that you can’t just speed through the process, but it’s so worth it.

Yes you want to tape anywhere your cabinets meet the floor or the wall or anything you don’t want to paint. I started with our island because it has a large flat surface with no drawers or anything – a perfect place to test my skills.

The entire process included 2, sometimes 3, coats and it did take me about a week or so but I was working from home and had kids at home. I would do it again if I needed to, there is nothing more satisfying then seeing your kitchen transform!

It is SO much brighter now! Our flooring looks nice, and even the old countertops look nice enough that I haven’t taken the plunge to redo those with a Giani countertop kit (which is on my list). We also added cabinet and drawer pulls, something the kitchen did not originally have. This was another easy upgrade and it really brought the look together. I absolutely love it. We only spent $30 on them too!

Nuvo Cabinet Paint kits are a great budget-friendly option that work not just in the kitchen but also in the bathroom. I think the next project will be to paint the bathroom, use the leftover cabinet paint on the vanity and change out the recessed medicine cabinet for something nicer! One paint kit from Nuvo is right around $70, so depending on how large of a kitchen you have and how many coats you’ll need to do, you could spend much less on a DIY cabinet painting job!

Each kit will cover 100 sq ft of cabinet (just the outside, if you are wanting to paint the interior you will need to measure for that). You do have to clean your cabinets and do some sanding. I found that using glass cleaner really got the dirt off, so we used quite a bit when cleaning every inch of the cabinets. Then you need to sand, which sounds like it’s going to be a pain, but it’s an important step so don’t skip it. Use a damp cloth to wipe down everything after sanding and let it air dry. Be sure to sweep everything up off your floors too before you start so no dust or debris gets into your paint (ahem, cat fur for example).

If you need more than just written instructions, there are also videos, so give those a watch before you start your cabinet project!

I would recommend Nuvo cabinet paint to anyone looking to make a change, or even if you are flipping a house – if the cabinets are in great condition, it’s amazing what cleaning and some new paint can do!

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