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Adventure: The Perfect Gift for Your Husband

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One thing many men wish they had more of is adventure — whether they used to go out on more escapades when they were younger or they’ve never really experienced it, it’s not hard to come up with an excuse to stay home as you age. Whether you’ve been married six months or thirty years, sending your husband out on an excursion tailored for him is a gift he’ll never forget. Here are some tips to pull that off. 

Provide a Memento

First and foremost, the idea of this adventure is that it’s a gift, so provide some kind of physical gift to go along with it. Not only will the prospect of using the new gift add to the excitement, but it will be a physical reminder of the experience. 

Regardless of what the trip is, some items could be universally useful: Victorinox Swiss Army watches, new shoes or boots, backpacks or journals can be made useful in just about any situation, and they will be useful after as well. In fact, whatever the gift is, try to make it something he can use afterword; ideally, something he can use long afterword. 

Tailor the Experience 

One of the better parts of a gift like this is that it shows the other person how much you really know them — tailor this adventure to fit his likes and interests. For example, he might like beaches, but absolutely hate flying, so don’t book a flight to a beach. Remember that going on an adventure doesn’t mean going camping. It could mean going camping if that’s what he’s into, but even going to a cooking class could fit the bill. The point is not grandiosity — the point is to give him time away to experience something he would like to do but may not do otherwise. 

Plan (Almost) Every Detail

Take care of all the details needed for the excursion to be a success: booking reservations and airplane tickets, arranging for a ride, inviting his friends and providing an itinerary. Unless your husband would be best served by having every minute planned out, leave plenty of open time for him to explore and relax. Make the itinerary so clear that he won’t have to worry about anything except getting to the right places at the right times. 

Assemble a Crew — or Not 

Will your husband go alone? Should friends join him? Would he enjoy this experience most if you were there as well? To figure out whether this should be a party of one or a group experience, consider the following: Is he an introvert? Is there a friend he doesn’t see as much as he’d like? Would it be safe to go alone? 

If you are sending your husband to hike through the mountains, don’t send him alone. If you’re sending him out for much-needed peace and quiet, don’t send him in a group. If you’re sending him out for a massage, by all means, bring yourself along. Think of who is going to most inspire the spirit of exploration with him, regardless of what his adventure will look like. Everybody is different, and some people enjoy themselves most when in small groups, while others really appreciate alone time. 

Encourage Him to Keep a Record 

This excursion is meant to be memorable, so encourage him to keep a record of it somehow so he can look back on it in years to come. If he’s not naturally inclined to take photos and videos, you can provide a journal or even a disposable camera. Or, if tattoos are his thing — better yet, if he wants them to be his thing but hasn’t pulled the trigger yet — encourage him to get one as part of his outing. 

By thoughtfully examining the details of what would make the perfect trip for your partner, you’ll show him that you know him deeply and that you appreciate him. If organized well enough, you can give him something to look forward to, an amazing experience and something he’ll talk about the rest of his life. Adventure means something different to everyone, so make sure it’s something he’ll be excited about but that will push him outside of his normal routine or comfort zone. 

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