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I’m In A Book! Bumptabulous!

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See where it says “20 Moms Expose Pregnancy”? I’m one of those moms!

And I’m so excited!

The book is available for purchase on Amazon, and I am very impatiently waiting for my copies (yes, plural) to arrive! It says today for delivery, but I don’t know… I’m tracking like a hawk because I cannot wait to rip open the box and get to the book. I haven’t seen it yet. I haven’t touched it. I haven’t read it (except for my contributions).


20 laugh-out-loud-funny moms describe their pregnancies, revealing the secretly-guarded details of their conceptions, the great and gross about pregnancy, the truth about childbirth and how their life changed once their little womb-hijacker finally came out.

This book will make a great baby shower gift, or new-mom gift (just be careful if she’s had a c-section, laughing and the incision don’t mix well!). I hope you’ll check it out and consider it for your next gift to a mom!

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“I gained about 25 with my second pregnancy and about 20 with my third. Not too bad, but it still left me with a huge amount of weight to lose to get to pre-pregnancy (the first one) weight. I’ll work on that when the kids go to college.” – ME!!!!