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I Miss You, Grandma

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This is my one of my favorite pictures of my Grandma (on my mom’s side). She passed away five years ago today. I hate not having her a phone call away. I want so badly to take that road trip that we did when I was little, and drive to her house. Over the mountains, down to Georgia, through Savannah, to a little country home filled with love and her collection of snow globes.

The last time I was there, was right after my mom passed away. I remember going to the grocery store with her, to pick out some things for me to have at her house. I was about 10 weeks pregnant, suffering from morning sickness, and putting my mom to rest. It was emotional and not a trip I ever wanted to make. I remember at night, we’d sit in recliners and watch Wheel of Fortune together. I remember walking around the house and the property, thinking back to when I was little and would run around with my sister and brother.

What I remember most, and something that I will more than likely never have again – her barbecue sauce recipe. Her and Grandpa would make it in big batches, bottle it up, and we’d get one. We’d also get boiled peanuts for my mom, but the sauce was the best. It was amazing on everything. I think I can still taste it if I think hard enough. It’s a memory that’s fading. I’m trying to hold on to it. I get this urge to collect as many recipes as I can to see if I can recreate it. I just want that sauce. It makes me think of her, all of the memories, the hugs, how she smelled, how soft her skin was.

My God, I miss my grandma.


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