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Huggies Little Swimmers Pool Party Playdate (Plus a Pool Bag Packing List!)

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If you follow me on social media, you know that last week was a huge week for us – Haley and I flew out to California thanks to Huggies® and Tend by Glam Media to attend a Huggies® Little Swimmers Pool Party Playdate! This was our first time in beautiful California, and Haley’s first time flying!

Annenberg Beach House Santa Monica Pool Party by Huggies

The pool party playdate was held at the Annenberg Beach House, which is exactly what it sounds like – a pool that is practically beside the ocean! There’s just a stretch of sand seperating the two! It was just breathtaking to look out and see the pool, then sand, then the vast ocean. I still get chills just thinking about it!

The party decor was, for lack of a better description, super freaking cute! Beachy and fun, even the food was beach and pool party themed!

Huggies Tend Pool Party Food and Snacks


(Doesn’t everything look adorable?! It’s always a great party from the food is themed and looks too cute to eat!)

Everything was planned by the wonderful hostess, Hostess With The Mostess. I WISH I was creative enough to put on parties like this!

After everyone arrived and changed into their swimming gear (which including Huggies® Little Swimmers – slip on swim diapers that we have used for years!), we hit the pool! The pool that was heated… be jealous. It was like stepping into a bathtub!

Huggies Tend Pool Party Mommy and Me Swim Class


While in the water, we worked with a swim instructor to get comfortable with the water. We had opportunities to sing songs, work on kicking, paddling, and letting the water move across our bodies. With Huggies® Little Swimmers on all the cute little bums, we didn’t have to worry about soggy diapers or escaping accidents (catch my drift?)! Everyone was able to just enjoy the water – which is exactly what kids should do and what parents should look forward to when they use Little Swimmers!

Haley absolutely had a blast in the water! Many times, it was hard to hold on to her as she wanted to go, go, go! I see a LOT of water play and swimming happening this summer!

Haley during swim class


To help you prepare for your first pool visit this year, here’s a quick packing list! Make sure to pin it so you can find it again!


Family Swimming Packing List







Ready for the pool? For instant fun just add water. Choose the only swimpants with easy open sides. Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants 

Compensation and travel were provided by Huggies®. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Huggies®. We want to give Huggies® a HUGE (you can’t even imagine how huge) thank you for inviting us. We had an amazing time and will never forget it!

Thank you to Pinky Blue Photography for capturing all of these sweet moments!