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How You Can Stay Safe When Working Out Outside

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Spending time working out outside can be helpful, and many women like doing so. We all know that we need to wear appropriate workout attire and sunscreen to protect our bodies and skin, but there are a few additional safety precautions for women when exercising out in the sun. Women are vulnerable to abuse, so knowing how to stay safe before and during is critical.

Let’s have a look at how you can do it below: 

Before You Go 

Put on adequate training attire and make sure there is nothing loose that someone could use to seize you, such as a hood or a sweater looped around your waist. Instead of putting your hair up in a ponytail, try tucking it under a hat or braiding it into a tight side braid. Both of these precautions, together with not wearing baggy clothes, will help to reduce the likelihood of someone grabbing you.

Go With A Friend 

Find a friend who wants to exercise with you and shares your fitness goals. Going to work with a friend is a great way to stay safe while exercising outside because two people are far less likely to be harassed than a woman alone, plus it may also be a wonderful way to stay motivated to exercise. When you know someone is relying on you to keep them company, it’s far more difficult to forgo your workout.

If You Go Alone

If you’re going to be outside by yourself, plan your route and estimate how long it will take you to come home. Plan your route to keep you in a busy, well-lit location at all times. Avoid areas that are quiet or dark. Before you go, text or call someone to let them know your route, when you plan to leave for your workout, and when you expect to return.

Alter your routine. On the same day, don’t always run at the same time or along the same path. Someone could watch your routine and use it to find you. If you must keep the same time because of other commitments, at least change your route.

During Your WorkOut

Keep your hearing sharp. If you prefer to exercise while listening to music, ensure that you can still notice what’s going on all around you. If you must wear headphones, use an external speaker instead, or keep the volume down or leave one earpiece out. Examine your surroundings to detect if somebody is approaching you from behind.

Always exercise in well-lit, populated areas. Stay in the center of the path if you’re running a longer distance, away from shrubs or plants that could be utilized as shelter.

Make sure you have your mobile with you. You could be thankful for it, even if you merely trip and injure yourself and nothing worse happens. If you do fall victim to an accidental fall make sure you call your injury lawyer for advice on Personal Injury Law

Following these guidelines should help you stay safe while exercising. Do you have any more suggestions? Please leave them in the comments section below.