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How To Perfect Your Travel Photography

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What are the best things about traveling? Naturally, one of the best things is just enjoying the time away and experiencing new things. However, another excellent aspect of traveling is the ability to look back on your travels and reminisce. Taking photos and capturing moments when you’re away are the best ways to do just that. You take moments and settings and immortalize them via photos or videos. They can be uploaded to your social media and shared around the world, or you can print off the photos and make a scrapbook to look back on. 

Whether you’re traveling alone or with family, you should always look to take as many pictures as you can. There will always be a time where you look back on a trip with fondness, and it can really make you feel nostalgic. Imagine in 20 or 30 years when your kids are adults and you can flick back through your first family vacations together! 

Keeping all of this in mind, you should really learn how to perfect your travel photography. With the right approach and advice, you can take the best travel photos possible. There’s nothing worse than going to capture a moment and realizing the photo is blurry or just plain terrible. So, here are some tips that will help you take photos like a pro:

Learn how to frame images

A common photography mistake is to take photos that are poorly framed. For example, you’re taking a picture of your child in front of a lovely background, but you’ve got the child off-center, the landscape is skewed, and it just doesn’t look right. You should always look to make the main subject of the photo the center point, with equal space on either side of them. Or, if they are standing in front of something and you want that thing in the shot, you need to position the person so you can see all of the main thing in the frame as well. 

A good way to learn how to frame better is by going to your camera settings and selecting the grid feature. All smartphone cameras and DSLRs will have this feature, and it just gives you a better idea as to how things are framed. This should also stop you from taking wonky photos, which is another common issue you see all the time. 

Make use of the different shooting modes

Whether you use your phone or a proper camera, there will be different shooting modes and effects you can call upon. For instance, most smartphones come with a portrait mode setting, while some also have night modes and widescreen modes as well. Portrait mode is great if you want to focus on one subject and blur out the background. It’s perfect when taking photos of people, food, or nature. Night modes work well in the dark as they naturally brighten up the shot. This is a fantastic thing to use if you’re taking photos in the evening to ensure you can actually see everything! Widescreen modes can be called different names, but the idea is that you use a different lens to get a wider view of the shot. Instead of being confined to a small square, you get a wider shot, making it perfect for landscape photography. 

Obviously, the more advanced your camera is, the more features and shooting modes it will have. Sticking with smartphones, panoramic shooting is a great one to know. Here, you can move your camera around an area to get a long panoramic view of it. This creates a unique shot that’s perfect for landscapes as well. Some DSLR cameras will genuinely have landscape modes that are designed to place the whole shot in focus rather than focusing on one aspect. There are also sunset modes that alter the color slightly, and so on. 

The bottom line is that choosing the right shooting mode can improve your images dramatically. 

Get your hands on a drone

Honestly, buying a drone can be one of the best travel purchases you make. It may seem like an over-expensive gadget, but if you want to perfect your travel photography, you need one of these! With a drone, you can fly it up into the sky and get photographic images like never before. You’re able to capture photos from angles you never even dreamed of, delivering insane pictures that will get loads of likes on social media and will look fantastic in your own travel scrapbook. There really aren’t many other ways to truly capture the natural beauty of a place than drones. 

Additionally, you can take videos with your drones to further capture your travel memories. There are so many different varieties out there with different features and camera qualities. If you are looking for more information, there are loads of resources out there that can show you the specifications of different drones, how much they cost, if they’re worth buying, and so on. 

Bring some extra equipment with you

If you can, it helps to bring some extra photography equipment with you on your travels. This doesn’t mean you need a bag full of stuff – you’re not trying to be a professional photographer! Instead, we’re talking about maybe one or two things, mainly some form of a tripod. You can get mini or travel tripods that easily fit in your bag or suitcase and can attach to cameras or smartphones. 

The reason you need one is that it lets you hold the camera steady. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your hands shaking and ruining the photos. How many times have you gone to take a photo and then see that it’s slightly blurry or out of focus? This tends to happen when you’re shaking or unable to hold the camera still. Instead of having great travel photos to look at, you know have blurred images. A tripod is an easy way to counter this!

Edit your photos

Finally, you should get into the habit of editing your photos. Rarely will you take the perfect picture that doesn’t need to be edited. Often, you need a slight edit to just brighten things up, play with the shadows, alter the colors, etc. 

The great thing about editing travel photos is that it gives you an excuse to go back through them all and remind yourself of the memories. That’s why it’s a good idea to wait until you’re back home, then edit them. After this, they’ll be ready to post anywhere you like, or to print out and store in a scrapbook or on your walls. 

You’ve got a couple of approaches to editing, and you can choose whichever one you like. The first is to use presets, which basically means that editing software has already edited the photo to look a certain way. Basically, these are filters, and every smartphone has some built into their camera apps, though you can download editing apps that provide more. Pick a filter you like, and your photo is instantly edited. The second option is to manually edit, where you can alter things like the brightness, contrast, sharpness, white balance, and so on. It can be complicated, but it’s also fun to just play around with all the different things until you reach the point where you’re satisfied with the final image. 

After all of this, you will have stunning travel photos that you can look back on with fondness. Reminiscing about your travels is always better when the pictures are beautiful.