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How to Have a Timeless Style

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It can be fun to follow the latest trends. But the truth is that many people come to regret them, especially when they’re looking back at old photos of themselves. Plus, if you’re following the trends, then you’ll need to spend money over and over again, just so you can stay relevant. The other approach is to adopt a “timeless” style. If you do this, then you’ll always look the part, no matter what the fashion industry is doing.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some useful tips that’ll give you a timeless style, and also have you looking your best!

Avoid Fast Fashion

You can see why people get drawn into fast fashion. It’s cheap; it’s modern, it rides the wave of fashion and style. However, there are problems with fast fashion. For one, it’s really bad for the environment — and also, mostly, for the people who are involved in the manufacturing process. Plus, there’s just nothing timeless about it. Items of this style are made to be thrown out after a few months. Timeless clothing is supposed to last the distance. 

Fast fashion is a false economy, price-wise, too. It’s cheaper than well-made items, but you end up paying more because you have to replace the goods more regularly. So save up your cash and invest in something valuable — you’ll look great!

The Staples 

Even though you might want to have a timeless style, it’s not as if every item that you buy will be an all-time classic. There’ll be some items that obviously won’t be a classic. But the staples should be. What do we mean by that? It’s all about the items that you’ll wear multiple times a week, such as your shoes or coat. These goods should be in the classic style, because they’re the ones that the world will see the most. You’ll also want to have a little black dress or a tailored suit, so you can dazzle in timeless fashion when you’re invited to a party.

A Touch of History

Another way to have a timeless look is to incorporate elements of history into your style. The best way to do this is to look at adding some jewelry. For instance, you could wear a classic watch; if you need some help choosing one that’s got some history behind it, check out this article from WatchBox. They’ve put together a guide on the “Holy Trinity,” which refers to the best of the best when it comes to watch brands. Another way to add some history to your look is to wear old jewelry. For instance, do your parents or grandparents have anything old that you could wear? 

Perfect Fit 

These days, you’ll find plenty of people playing around with clothes of different sizes. For instance, baggy clothing is very trendy right now, while not so long ago, skinny items had their moment. If you want to have a classic look, then it’s important to pick items that fit you well. It’s an extremely simple thing that can enhance your look, but which people rarely ever do!

The Right Colors

It’s also recommended that you take the time to learn what colors suit you well. We all have different complexions, and thus different colors that suit us. An item of clothing that looks great on one person might not look quite as good on someone else, even if they’re both the same size. 

Look to the Past 

It’s much easier to dress in the modern style. That’s because all the adverts and so forth feature that style — you don’t actually need to do all that much, just follow the style of the adverts. If you want to get some guidance on how to dress in a classic way, then you’ll likely struggle. But luckily there is one place that you can look: old movies. Take a dive into some of cinema’s classic movies, and you’ll likely find plenty of outfits that catch your eye. You’ll still need to track down the items of clothing, of course, but it can be extremely useful when it comes to coming up with outfit ideas and how to wear certain pieces.


You were born in this age, but that doesn’t mean that you need to follow every single rule that this age throws at you. You can do whatever you want! The good thing about taking the timeless route is that you’ll know that you always look good, no matter what the latest trends are.