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Ways to Stay Fashionable on a Shoestring Budget

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We all want to look, smell and feel our best everywhere we go. That’s why many of us invest in perfumes, suits, and accessories that are supposed to give us a much-needed confidence boost. The only problem is how expensive it can be to stay on top of the latest trends.

What if I told you that you don’t have to spend that much to get that new outfit or accessory you had your eye on? Expensive threads are nothing to a mom who knows how to shop around for the best value and still find fashionable combinations.

How? Follow these money-wise tips to looking good on a budget.

  1. Take advantage of seasonal sales

The best way you can find the latest clothes and accessories at more affordable prices is to wait for a good old-fashioned seasonal sale. Most department stores are looking to empty out old inventory, but you’d still get great finds among them, including original designer items. One trick is to wait for holiday sales where you’d be lucky enough to find markdowns as high as 50%.

  1. Go on a bargain spree

Sure, bargain shopping isn’t all that glamorous, but you can find great looking fashion finds for much more affordable prices. There are likely multiple stores in your neighborhood that sell cheap but fashionable items you can’t find anywhere else. Many of these are hand-me-downs or just cheap knock-offs of familiar brands. But so long as you know how to choose the best threads that suit your style, you would definitely find the right clothes without going over your fashion budget.

  1. Go DIY

Why buy clothes when you can design your own? Fashion is without a doubt the first casualty of DIY culture. And for this reason alone, we could say that it’s totally fine for people to wear their own creations. Not only is it a creative endeavor, designing your own get up is much cheaper since you can always use everyday items to bring your style to a wider audience. If you’re feeling adventurous, then consider cutting up pieces of your old clothes and sew them together to achieve a rebellious and yet eclectic style.

  1. Buy online

Online shopping has become prevalent, mostly because it’s highly convenient and easier to look for deals at multiple stores or brands very quickly. You don’t have to spend time and gas going to a grocery store to buy that jacket you have always wanted. You can just use your mobile phone to browse for shoes and even perfumes like Penhaligon’s fragrances to complement your overall style. Shopping online also gives you discounts for certain items. Pay attention to vouchers and promo codes you can use to get special offers and freebies.

When it comes to shopping for clothes that fit the kind of lifestyle you want, paying more than you can afford is just plain insanity.

After all, you have priorities to handle, so buying a pair of expensive boots and a blouse you don’t actually just isn’t right – unless they’re on sale!

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