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How To Find Confidence When Leaving College

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Leaving college and facing the big open wide world of jobs can be a particularly difficult time. After spending many years in an institution that provides security and development, going off and using these skills can be hard. If you have studied for a degree that was purely theoretical then you may find this especially daunting to face the need to sell yourself on a whole set of skills that you may not feel that you have. 

How To Look For Careers

There are many ways that you can find a career in the sector that you are interested in. Specialist niche recruitment companies are available and you may want to search rheumatology jobs at  for example.  While many major companies will use conventional recruitment sites, some will target the jobs pages of broadsheet newspapers or specialist journals relating to that industry. 

If you have an idea of the company that you want to work for, check out their website directly and see if they have a suitable vacancy at the moment. Alternatively, if they are not hiring, check if they take speculative applications. If you choose to go down this route, make sure your resume and cover letter are outstanding. You don’t want it to be forgotten about or lost in amongst unwanted their mail pile.

Focus On Your Strengths

When it comes to writing the best resume that you can, focus on what you can do instead of worrying about where you don’t have the experiences that the employer may be looking for, Do not be tempted to lie on your resume, this will come back on you and you may end up getting sacked and find it harder to get into a different job in the future. 

Make sure that you back up your strengths with examples of how they have used them in the past. While you may not have work experience to draw from, you can still give examples from your time as a student as long as they are relevant.  

Ask For Feedback

With so many people applying for so few jobs, you will get rejections. This is a fact of life. And for that reason, you will need to apply for as many relevant jobs as you possibly can. If you get a rejection letter, turn it into a learning opportunity. Ask the employer for some feedback on your application, and then utilize that on information on your next application. 

Building Yourself Up

Your confidence levels may not be so great, and this is only natural if you do not feel as though you have the experience to sell yourself. You do need to remember though that everyone who goes and works in that career has to start somewhere. You are no different. 
While you are looking for work, create lists of your positive attributes and your strengths within your field. Focus on these and read this list often as it will keep you motivated. When you struggle to feel good enough, repeating these things to yourself will help to counter that feeling.