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How To Ensure Business Growth By Becoming Eco-Friendly

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Having a more sustainable, eco-friendly business isn’t just good for the environment; perhaps surprisingly, it can also benefit your profits and brand reputation. When you can combine business growth with being environmentally friendly, you can have the best of both worlds and ensure that you are a brand to be reckoned with. Here are some of the best eco-friendly tactics to take to ensure business growth at the same time. 

Use Your Promotional Materials 

Every business has to promote itself; marketing is essential if you want your business to truly grow and be the success you know it can be and want it to be. Using promotional materials is a great way to do this, and the fact that you can include your eco-friendly credential within this material is ideal. 

For example, you can use and even sell promotional water bottles, showing that you are against single-use plastic and that you are doing your bit to reduce its use. Or you might decide that recycled paper is the best option for your flyers. You might even choose to state that you use sustainable packaging or suppliers or that you only buy local or anything else that is eco-friendly on your promotional leaflets so that no one can be in any doubt that you are doing your best for the planet. 

Recycle Everything 

Recycling is one of the most important things you can do if you want to be more eco-friendly; the less waste that goes to landfill, the better, and since you can repurpose recycled materials into a variety of different things using much less energy than it takes to make something new, this is also a big help. 

In your business, you should try to recycle everything, as far as possible, and of course, you should let your customers know that this is why you are doing it. Why not go the extra step and show your customers – and potential customers – that you really care by letting them bring their packaging and old items to you to recycle? Perhaps you can even offer them a discount on a new product if they do this. You’ll be able to encourage new customers to visit you and make more sales in this way. 

Offer Remote Working 

If you are able to offer your employers the chance to work from home, you will be helping the environment. They won’t be commuting to work, using their cars or public transport, which means cutting emissions. The more people who work from home, the less carbon will be produced, and if you can lower your carbon footprint, that’s a positive for your business and the planet. Why, though, does implementing remote working help your bottom line? To begin with, you won’t have to spend any money on business premises, which will automatically save you a tremendous amount per year. On top of that, when you can offer remote working to your staff, you will be able to attract the best talent, often thanks to PEO services. This means you won’t be limited to a geographical area. The better your workers, the better the finished product or service, and the more people will buy from you. Your profits will therefore increase.