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3 Creative Yet Simple Brand Engagement Ideas

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In order to succeed as a business, it’s vital that you build a connection with your customers. Consumers make purchasing decisions based on reviews, social proof, and their experience with a brand. Building a strong brand that your consumers can relate to, trust, and engage with is therefore essential in driving sales and conversions.

There are many ways you can increase brand engagement, but some of them can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Here are three simple and creative ways you can increase your brand engagement quickly and successfully. 

Encourage feedback

Asking consumers for their feedback is a great way to engage with them. Not only does it draw their attention to your brand, but it also shows that you care and that you care about their opinions. You can ask your customers whether they are satisfied with your products and services, your website, your social media engagement, and lots more.

You can encourage your customers to provide feedback about your brand through:

  • Polls – Polls on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to collect valuable data about your customers. Your polls can be about anything, but try to relate them to your brand so that you have tangible data you can action.
  • Live chat – After a consumer engages with your live chat service, you can ask them to leave feedback about their experience using a simple rating system. This is an important tool for professional firms, like medical malpractice attorneys or accountants.
  • Feedback button – There are plenty of tools you can integrate with your website without the need for any coding. You can add a feedback button or widget to your website to encourage customers to leave feedback.

Feedback not only attracts the attention of your customers, but it also allows you to work on the feedback provided to ensure you’re creating a better user experience in order to drive more sales and increase conversions.

Host an event

Although COVID-19 has caused havoc in the business world, you can still host events online. Creating an online event will admittedly take more time and effort, but it will be worth it to increase brand engagement.

Events allow you to show your customers who you are, give you a platform to talk about your products and services, but also allow you to engage your clients with your brand. This presents many opportunities to build meaningful relationships that your customers will appreciate.


Influencer marketing increases social proof and allows your customers to engage with your brand through people that they trust and admire. If you have the budget to partner with influencers, you can increase brand engagement through their following on social media. 

If a potential customer sees their favorite celebs wearing an item of clothing from your brand, for example, they are more likely to replicate what the people they look up to are doing/wearing/visiting. This enables you to reach your target market through the right audiences and in turn, rewards you with winning relationships.


Prioritizing your consumer’s needs and interests should be at the forefront of your marketing and brand awareness strategies. In order to earn customer trust and loyalty, you need to be consistent with engaging them with your brand.

Meaningful relationships will always last longer, encouraging your customers to revisit your brand and let others know that you’re worth their time and money. The methods outlined above will generate interest and increase your overall customer satisfaction.