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How I Can Set An Example For My Daughter

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I knew that someday I would have a daughter. I just knew it. Even after five years of fertility issues in between the boys, I knew that someday, somehow, I was going to have a daughter.

What I didn’t realize was that in having her, I was setting myself up to experience the biggest “monkey see, monkey do” mirror image of myself every single day. From the faces we make, to the way we say “Noooo”, to our meal choices and taste in music – she is me. So knowing that I have this  little person always watching me, I feel this huge responsibility to make better choices. To say wise things, to do good deeds. Having her mimic what I do means I need to be a good, positive example for her.

Kellogg’s lets me make smart choices when it comes to breakfast. If I’m having Special K, I don’t mind if my daughter does. Of course, she prefers to eat the chocolate bits first, and I save them for the end, but we have to be unique somehow!

Besides my food choices, I know that being physical is an important part of being a good role model. My daughter and I love to dance, so it’s easy for us to jump up and shake our thangs to some Luke Bryan. (I told you, same taste in music!).

Another way that I can set a good example, is to include her in my workout routine. Take her for walks, introduce new things to her. Granted, she’s barely two right now, but as we both grow and get older, the opportunities to have her model my behavior become more and more.

like mom like daughter

(We don’t care about loungewear and bad hair days. We’re two peas in a pod!)


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