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How Home Security Protects Your Family and Business

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This post was written by supporting contributor Jenna.


As a mother and a working professional, you undoubtedly know the importance of keeping your family and business safe. But since you work from home, you might underestimate the importance of installing a home security system.

Because you’re home most of the day, you may feel that the odds of someone breaking into your home are slim. It’s true that most intruders will pass over a house if they suspect that someone is home. But this isn’t the case for all intruders. Some thieves are brazen, and once they have a target in mind, they don’t care who’s home.

Some towns are safer than others. The city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas reports 1,565 burglaries every year. Residents here may have never owned a monitored home security system. But getting answers to their questions is just a click away, as there are plenty of online resources available, including, which offers real crime statistics, plus information on various home security systems. It’s important to know what risk you and your family are taking based upon geographical location.

1. You may feel comfortable home alone while your husband is at work and your children are at school. Understand, however, that thieves may be aware that you’re alone during the day. In their minds, you are an easy target. Although the vast majority of break-ins occur during the night and when no one is home, some intruders will enter homes during the daytime hours. Without an alarm system, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way.

2. As a work from home mom, you may have to meet with clients or have other scheduled appointments. When your older children arrive from school, you may leave them home alone for a couple of hours. Your neighborhood may be safe, but someone can still take advantage of your absence. Install a monitored home security system and you can safely leave your children alone.

3. Work at home professionals understand the meaning of “feast or famine.” And since your income can fluctuate, keeping your household expenses as low as possible is undoubtedly a priority. By installing a home security system, you may qualify for lower home insurance rates. This is especially beneficial if you and your spouse both work from home, as the two of you may deal with irregular paychecks, and if you’re the sole breadwinner.

4. A monitored home security system is an excellent way to deter thieves. But this isn’t the only benefit. The security system can protect against other dangers as well, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke and fires. And since the system is monitored, the fire department and emergency services are immediately alerted in the event of these dangers.

5. If you run a home business, keeping your client information safe is another priority. You may keep a record of client Social Security numbers, their bank account numbers and their credit card information. If these numbers are visible when a thief enters your home, he may swipe this information and steal a client’s identity.

Rather than view home security as another monthly expense, consider the benefits for your family and business. You may take other measures to protect your home, but ultimately, you’re not invincible. The truth is, thieves are less likely to target a home when there’s a home security system.


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