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Homemade Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub Bars

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Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub Bars

Who doesn’t love root beer? I love it – the smell, the taste, the smoothness. I’ve been wanting to experiment with more DIY beauty, like soaps and lotions and thought this would be a fun and easy one to try! This is my first time making a scrub bar so I went VERY easy – anyone can follow this recipe and make a homemade sugar scrub bar for gifting!

Homemade Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub Bars

Supplies Needed

Goat’s Milk Soap melt and pour
Root beer concentrate
Vitamin E oil
silicone mold


Melt a few ounces of the goat’s milk melt and pour soap in a bowl until smooth. Add a few drops of the vitamin E oil and a couple teaspoons of the root beer extract (I went by scent here, so more or less depending on how strong you want it). Add the sugar – the more you use, the more coarse the scrub will end up being. Stir gently and evenly (or as best as you can) fill your empty molds.


Let cool and firm up (speed this up by placing filled mold in the fridge or freezer). Keep in an air-tight container. If gifting, store in a pretty mason jar and use a fun label or ribbon to make it special. Making homemade beauty products, like some of my other sugar scrubs make great gifts and fun favors.


I really like these sugar scrub bars because they moisturize and exfoliate rough skin while smelling great. It’s a great combination of a gentle soap with the benefits of sugar scrub.