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Help Only Natural Pet Donate To Animal Shelters with the #IMAGINE5 Campaign

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Only Natural Pet. All opinions are my own.BannerImage3

This time of year, everyone is looking for ways to give back. I’m a pet owner (of three dogs, all adopted!) and I am always looking for ways to help other pets. I frequently order our pet supplies from Only Natural Pet. This year I noticed they are doing something to give back and I am so excited to share it with you all. It’s simple and easy so understand. It’s called #Imagine5. And this holiday season, for every purchase you make using the coupon code IMAGINE5, they will donate 5% of your purchase value to pets in need, and you receive 5% off your order.

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Only Natural Pet has partnered with BlogPaws Be The Change for Pets and they’re looking to help 7.6 million pets across the USA who are in animal shelters. Now that is a good cause I can get behind. Oftentimes, during the holidays, everyone is focused on buying presents and outdoing each other. However, pets-in-need are often forgotten about. Imagine5 from Only Natural Pet allows you to give back and to also save a little money yourself.

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If you have pet supplies to buy, this is an excellent way to save and give. However, you could also consider buying from Only Natural Pet, using the IMAGINE5 discount and purchasing items for your local animal shelter. Just an idea! Either way, you are giving back to animals in need and I love this mission.

Are you wondering where the 5% of this campaign comes from? Here’s the breakdown.

  • Pet Parents spend $50 BILLION a year on their pets.
  • And around $5 BILLION on presents for their pets.
  • 5% of 5BILLION = $250,000

So IMAGINE what that 5% can do for those pets in shelters!

JOIN US in sharing the #IMAGINE5 message – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or over a cup of egg nog at a holiday party. Go shopping for your pet and help others in need!

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