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CurrentC Can Make Last Minute Holiday Shopping A Breeze

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This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.
Use CurrentC to make Last Minute Holiday Shopping a Breeze

If you are reading this, you are probably working on your last minute, final attack of the stores as you are seriously running out of time to get those gifts! Having a plan of action is not a bad idea, especially if you have a long list to finish up. With the CurrentC app on your smartphone and these tips, you can cross off everyone on your list and still has some sanity left over!

Last Minute Shopping Tips To Help Keep Your Sanity

Start early. I mean start early in the day, before the crowds. This is especially helpful if you are going out on the weekends as shopping centers, malls, and large stores can be become overcrowded disasters for last minute shoppers. Wake up early, get some coffee, make sure your phone is charged and the car has gas. Keep a blanket or two in the backseat and trunk so you can cover your purchases (from thieves) as well as the prying eyes of family (if you are last minute shopping for a spouse, partner, kids, etc).

Go minimal. Take your coat, your keys, and your phone and that’s it. If you can leave your purse at home or hidden in your car, that’s perfect. You don’t need to carry around something you need to be responsible for. The CurrentC app has all of your payment information so you can get through the checkout lines faster and have your arms free to carry all of those bags back to your car.

Check the ads and online for any coupons. Stores are all about offering really good deals, so if you can snag any % off coupons, take those with you! Be sure to check the Coupons tab on the CurrentC app as well!

Keep a list on your phone of who and what. Either email yourself or make a note somewhere on your phone of who you need to shop for and what you plan to buy them. If you haven’t decided on exactly what, be sure to keep some notes on their interests. If you’re getting Cousin A a rice cooker and you see that Niece B loves to bake, you could save yourself a trip by staying in the kitchen section of the store!

Plan out the stores you will visit. A quick brainstorm of what’s in your town or around the mall you are at can help you organize your list and save you from running across town multiple times. With the CurrentC app, you can pull up a map of all the locations near you that accept the app for payment!

CurrentC app tells you where to find stores in your area that accept the app

With these tips, I think you are ready to brave the stores and get your shopping done. Remember to stay hydrated, have a snack, and try to have fun! Do a walk through the clearance sections as well, you never know what great things you’ll find there!

Be sure to download and install the CurrentC app to your phone before you head out! You will LOVE the convenience of using your phone to pay and having to carry less around. When planning your shopping, take note that CurrentC is available for use at the following: Walmart, Sam’s Club, Sears, Kmart, Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Target, CVS, Giant Eagle, Market District, and Wendy’s!