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Having Fun and Learning While Being Gross

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Kids love to emulate what they see when they watch TV or their favorite families on YouTube, so it’s no surprise that my kids love to do “challenges” or make things and pretend that they are making YouTube videos. When we were given the opportunity to explore the Scientific Explorer® Disgusting Biology Kit, I knew they would be thrilled – it’s a massive learning experience that takes science to a whole new level, and is disguised as gross fun!

This kit from Scientific Explorer® is definitely gross, but the experiments are not overly complex and don’t require you to have a full chemistry set or science lab in your home. For a mom like me who enjoyed science class but wasn’t at the top of the class, that’s a good thing. 

WE MADE BLOOD. Okay, not real human blood, but one of the experiments demonstrates how blood clots. The instruction booklet is a HUGE helper for parents as it gives you sections you can read (or refer to and rephrase) on what is happening, why it happens, etc.

These experiments that we picked to do required boiling water, so they’re best for kids age 8 and up, and adult supervision is required to keep everyone safe – and since you’re there, you might as well get into it!

What I noticed was that the ones the kids really wanted to do (the blood and growing creatures) require a few hours and even a full day or two. These are not 5-minute experiments, but they are a perfect way to spread the learning over a few days. In my world, that’s a good thing. That means it’s less likely this will be used and tossed aside like other toys and books. We HAVE to revisit our petri dishes this week to see what’s growing, and because they are actually excited about this learning-at-home thing, I’m confident they’ll want to get another kit and keep learning!

This “growing creatures” experiment is a frightening thought. They stuck to swabbing their noses and mouths, but I had them think about the things we touch daily, like phones, remotes, door knobs, toilets, cabinets, shoes, etc. You could see their eyes get bigger when they realized just how much we touch that might not get completely sanitized every day. You guys, that is some serious hands-on learning that is completely parent-led! After we cleaned up for the day I totally ran around the house wiping down everything I could. 

If you’re wanting to try this gross kit for yourself, you can click here or purchase at Walmart! No special trips needed, just swing by when you get your groceries and add some science to your life!

When I asked Gavin and Haley what they thought about these experiments they were SO excited to tell me how cool/gross/fun they were. When Dad came home from work they immediately showed him our fake blood experiment and how we are trying to form a scab, and then showed him where we are keeping our petri dishes safe in a dark drawer. Thinking about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they go back to school and tell their teachers!

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