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Happy Mealtime, Happy Pups

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I’m sharing #Luvsome in my life as part of a Luvsome sponsored series for Socialstars™.

Is there anything better than a happy dog tail going a mile a minute, those dirty paws up on your leg and those wet kisses? No, I didn’t think so. It’s incredible to me that no matter how short your trip away from home is (like, outside to get the mail), your dog is always so happy to see you. Like, calm down, I was gone for TWO minutes!

But it’s those happy moments that really, truly make owning a dog worth it. Seeing their love, no matter how long I’m gone, they are the best four-legged friend you can have. I can’t really jump on them and cover them in kisses, so I make sure they have a warm place to sleep, lots of treats, and great food to eat every day. Our relationship is perfect.

With two dogs in the house, our mealtimes aren’t too crazy. There’s no food aggression to worry about and there’s no complicated meals to make for anyone. Now, if only Ripley would stop getting food all over the floor and Marilyn wouldn’t wait so long to eat, but that’s another story!

I don’t know about you, but seeing my dogs happy really makes me feel good. Like, I’m a good human AND dog parent. I’m doing something right! I love being a dog parent and I love that our dogs love the kids so much. The kids are able to help with feeding and making sure water bowls are full (a great way to learn some responsibility!), so the dogs just love them. The kids love to make Ripley go through a little routine of sit-shake-speak before he eats, and I think he’s grown accustomed to their requests!

What’s mealtime like in your house? Any funny stories you can share?

Our dogs, Ripley and Marilyn are definitely opposites. Ripley is a golden retriever, large, loud (when he wants to be), plays with toys and on the other hand with Marilyn, we’ve never heard her bark, she only sniffs at toys, she’s a small blue pitbull (about 40 pounds compared to Ripley’s 100!). But boy do they love to eat! They are definitely happy when we feed them. Even if Ripley is just a bit spoiled and must be told to eat and that he’s a good boy. Ahem. It’s a habit, it stuck, and now we’re stuck with it.

I don’t think I’d have it any other way though. We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve compared dog foods to find what works best for them and what they like. Landing on Luvsome was a great option for us considering how frequently we shop at Kroger and it’s available right there. No extra runs to the store just for dog food.

I have some tips for a happy mealtime below!

  1. Store the dog food in a container, with a lid. Also, be careful when scooping so you don’t drop pieces of food on the floor and eventually find that the ants have come inside to also enjoy the food (on the floor).Yuck! You don’t need anything fancy, but you can definitely take some simple like a plastic bin and personalize it with vinyl for their name!
  2. Have a designated ‘mealtime area’. In the kitchen, by the back door, someplace where they can just expect their food to be. If you leave them with a dog sitter, let them know where their ‘spot’ is for eating. For some dogs, it’s just nice knowing they can expect their food there, the water is over there, and toys are, well, everywhere.
  3. Never tease a dog with food. For one, it’s not very nice, but more importantly is that it could be dangerous, especially if you’ve only recently adopted or are fostering a dog. You don’t know how they were fed in the past, so never tease. Get the food into the bowl and in front of them and let them do their thing.
  4. Don’t skimp on quality food because of cost. Buying the cheapest food you can is bound to not be a high quality with the vitamins and nutrients they need, so consider that when choosing a dog food. Luvsome is not only an affordable option but available at the Kroger family of stores and gives them what they need to be healthy.

Give your dog lots of love and let them love you in return. Let them kiss and cuddle with you. You only get so many years with your pup, so enjoy them!

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