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Guess Who’s Back?! M&M’S® Crispy!

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M&M’S® Crispy are back in 2015


Seeing those familiar green bags one day while walking through the grocery store and it felt like a dream had come true. I was an M&M’S® Crispy fan since the beginning – it was something about that crunch. Everyone has their favorite, and M&M’S® Crispy are mine.

A pack of M&M’S® Crispy is only 180 calories, and is the perfect chocolate treat for this year’s vacation we are soon headed on. I plan to pick up a couple of bags to enjoy oceanside, how about you?

Summer must haves

I’m so excited that this year, I can add M&M’S® Crispy to my “Summer Must Haves” list! Along with a pack or two, I’ll have my sunglasses, my nails always perfectly done thanks to Jamberry, and of course my phone! I can’t leave the house without my phone – it keeps me connected to everything and instantly cures boredom.

Did you know that M&M’S® Crispy haven’t been found in stores since 2005? That’s the year I became a mom and graduated high school. That’s TEN YEARS, folks! M&M’S® Crispy were the #1 requested variety to bring back between 2005 and 2014. People were pleading – begging – for their return through customer service and social media. There’s a serious love for M&M’S® Crispy and I’m just one of the many!

M&M’S® Crispy are back


I’m genuinely very excited about their return – you can ask my husband! I think if he were to bring home M&M’S® Crispy instead of flowers for our upcoming anniversary I wouldn’t even be mad! Well… maybe bring those flowers too, okay? It’s an anniversary, after all!

So are you a fan of M&M’S® Crispy? Are you excited to see them again in stores?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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