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DIY Washi Tape Party Spoons

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DIY Washi Tape Party Spoons


When throwing a party, or just to make things fun, you can easily find a rainbow of colored spoons at a party store. For me though, I wanted a super easy DIY project that would let a bit more personality shine through. Here you have it: DIY Washi Tape Plastic Spoons!

This craft is perfect because all you need are rolls of fun washi tape and plastic spoons. You could even do forks and knives, especially if you are throwing a birthday party. Look in any craft store and you’ll find various brands and styles of washi tape. You can also shop online and find TONS of fun designs. I found all of mine at craft stores, and one of them (the cool chevron) is actually Duck Washi® Crafting Tape! It feels like duck tape, so it’s a touch tougher to tear, but I had no problems with it. You can easily have scissors handy if you want a clean edge.

Use bits of washi tape to decorate plastic spoons and personalize your party utensils for birthdays and other events


Utensils of choice
Washi tape
Scissors (optional)


Tear (or cut) small pieces of tape and wrap around the handle part of your spoon/fork/knife. Done.

Wrap washi tape around plastic spoons for fun party decor


You can mix and match your washi tape for really unique looks, you can cover the entire handle, you can leave space in between, totally up to you. It’s a fast and easy craft to add just a touch of personalization and fun to something that’s so boring.

Easy Washi Tape Party Spoons


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