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Goodbye 20s, Hello 30!

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Goodbye 20s and hello 30

Does anyone else get really emotional when it’s their birthday? Like, you start to look back at the past year and how you’ve spent and what you could have done better. Maybe you think about the people you’ve lost, or who won’t be there to celebrate your big day.

Yea, all of that.

I’m turning 30. The big one. I don’t really feel different (well, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds so, yea, I feel lighter), and I don’t really have wisdom I can bestow upon anyone. The only thing I have is a big ole’ list of things I’ve done or experienced in the 30 years I’ve been alive that I thought would be fun to run through.

So, let’s dive in and see how life has been since that glorious day I was born!

  1. I was born. Cheesy, I know, but kind of a big deal. I was born in New York (western, not even close to NYC) and know nothing of the city I first lived in or anything.
  2. I’ve lived in New York, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Ohio. Which means I’ve moved (house to house) something like 13 times, multiple school changes, leaving best friends behind way too many times.
  3. We have to skip forward through childhood because I a) don’t remember much and b) nothing exciting happened
  4. I found out the guy I thought was my dad was NOT my biological father and then my mom and dad/step-dad got divorced.
  5. I totally Googled the crap out of the name my grandma (or was it my mom?) told me of the man who IS my biological father, but it’s not like proven with a DNA test or anything.
  6. My Googling led to a phone number, address, all sorts of information and I built up enough courage to call that phone number and introduce myself. Coincidentally, on his birthday (I didn’t know).
  7. I also called the Maury show (I am NOT kidding) and they wanted to get in touch with him and have both of us on the show to do a paternity test. Never happened. Probably will never happen so I’ve kind of just said forget it and never contacted him again. I did ‘friend’ my possible half-sister on Facebook, but we don’t talk.
  8. I’ve been on TV and in magazines. I did a news segment on parenting and social media for the local news and I’ve been in All You, Parenting, and had a full page feature in Woman’s World.


9. I’ve had THREE kids. That’s like, drop the mic achievement right there. They are healthy, they are happy, they are loved. Yay for this one!
10. I’ve been to NYC and LA for work-related trips and both were amazing. The energy of NYC was incredible, even though it was cold and rainy and the beauty (and traffic) of LA was totally what I expected. Putting it out into the universe that I will happily go back to either place again and again.
11. I’ve traveled internationally to PARIS and SAINT LUCIA. In the same year! My DREAM COME TRUE trip to Paris actually happened. Like a magical dream, I actually saw everything (well, a lot of) what Paris has to offer. I’m already dreaming of when I can go back.
12. I’ve held jobs that I both loved and hated, at the same time.
13. I’ve left jobs that I wasn’t 100% confident in, or felt like I was appreciated in.
14. I’ve been to two MLB games (Reds, of course) and would jump at the chance to go every week if I could.
15. Let’s not forget that I got married (and I’m still married). Another ‘yay for this one’! In all seriousness though, this guy is kind of my rock and the reason so many of these things have happened or been possible.
16. I’ve seen Britney Spears in concert and sat 19 rows from the stage with my momma. Best concert ever.
17. I’ve seen O-Town THREE times, with one of those times being front freaking row and having my phone taken by Jacob so he could record a video with it. Fan. Girl.
18. I didn’t go to my high school graduation (had a newborn) OR my 10th reunion (solely because of social media, I already know what everyone is up to). Not to mention, I’ve always envisioned reunions as like big parties held in the gym. Flashback music, places to chat, yearbooks to browse through, stuff like that.


19. Oh! While in Paris, we went to Disneyland Paris and I will not lie, I cried. I cried when we got there, when we saw the castle, while we watched the parade, during the fireworks. Did I cry during the princess dance thing? Probably. Dang that place is magical.
20. I’ve had this blog for almost 10 years now. That’s a really big accomplishment, and I love this little corner that’s all mine.
21. I’ve overcome some difficult things like losing my mom then losing my grandma. A lot of people congratulate me on my strength and bravery for “getting through” those things, but it’s just life. It’s not just rainbows and glitter, and I learned that pretty early. I don’t mind thinking that I’m a strong person – believing that does help with situations as they arise to reassure myself that I can get through it.

I’m kind of loving that I’m completely stumped after 21. There just haven’t been dozens and dozens of “oh my god” moments in my life, but the ones that I HAVE had, have been absolutely amazing things I will never forget. I would rather have a handful of beautiful memories, then hundreds of things I can only vaguely remember.

So, goodbye 29 and hello 30!

No matter what, I will always be younger than my sister. (she’s going to hate me)

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