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Getting Kids Excited for Swimming Lessons

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This post is brought to you by our awesome partner, Goldfish Swim School. Honest opinions can be found here!

Getting Kids Excited for Swimming Lessons

Everyone loves jumping into a pool and splashing around, it’s a summertime favorite if you ask anyone. But there’s more to the pool just splashing! Getting young kids to actually enjoy the learning process of swim lessons can be an issue for some parents. On one hand, you want them to learn and pay attention just like they would in school, but on the other, you want them to have fun and enjoy it so they continue with it.

I know that I wouldn’t want to regularly attend something that felt like it was school (even if its in the water), so every week we go to Goldfish Swim School, I love that I can actually SEE my kids having fun.

Something else that can ease anxieties about lessons is for parents to know what to expect. If you can talk about what to expect on your way to lessons, it certainly can help.

Be excited

Come on mom and dad, excitement is contagious! It’s quite easy for us to be excited – them learning to swim means we don’t have to stick just the wading pool. It means no more floaties and rings that we have to inflate over and over until we feel like passing out! If you can talk about how much fun it will, all the fun things they can do once they know water safety and how to swim, it can help get them excited for lessons!

The instructors at Goldfish Swim School absolutely know how to be excited – our awesome instructor greets us and gets everyone right into the water. Throughout the lesson he is giving high fives, he is letting them splash him, even dunk him under water! Small things but they make such a big difference in holding their excitement and attention.

Know what to expect

There are no mysteries at Goldfish, you can read the lesson curriculum right on their website for each age level. At the end of each lesson, your instructor will let you know what was worked on, what they excelled at, and what they need more practice with. I love this part because they show off a skill or two and it’s so amazing to see them and to be there if and when they receive a ribbon! If you don’t know what a skill actually looks like, don’t be afraid to ask your instructor! They will show you or have your child show you.

Reward and celebrate

At Goldfish Swim School, they know how to do this! Whether it’s high fives and cheering, or the coveted skill ribbons and the weekly treat, your child is absolutely rewarded for their hard work and their new skills celebrated. We’ve also done our own little celebrations because they truly are doing so well – a visit to the toy store and ice cream!

Remind them of their safety

The children at Goldfish Swim School are never away from watchful eyes. There are trained and certified swim instructors, the class sizes are kept small, and with all of the parents watching as well, there’s no way anything could happen. One of the biggest things at Goldfish is water safety so you know they are taught not to run on the pool deck, how to get in and out of the pool, rolling onto their backs and other water safety skills. They are safe, having fun, learning, and improving each week!

The staff at Goldfish Swim School are beyond friendly, so you know your child will always be greeted with a smile – and a smile right away sets the tone!

You can learn more about taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School and find your nearest location HERE. Call and ask about a tour so you can see the facility for yourself and ask questions before you enroll!

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