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Get Creative With The Bottom of The Box

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You know that last handful or two of cereal you just threw away because “There’s not enough there for a bowlful”? You could have tossed that into a food processor along with some seasonings and parmasan cheese and made your very own breading for homemade chicken nuggets.

Everyday, we waste food (and in turn, plenty of money). It’s not something just a few of us are doing, it’s all of us. Throwing away that last bits of boxes, jars and bottles fills our landfills with things we could have easily used up. It costs oil and gas to get it from your curbside garbage collection to the landfill. If you throw away a jar of sauce, it’s garbage. No one is going to empty it, rinse it clean and recycle it. But had you used it, or better yet, frozen the last portion to add to the next sauce-required dish, you could have cleaned that jar and put it into recycling and not the trash.

With Kellogg’s products, you can make anything from Apple and Spice Cookies, to a Hearty Meatball Soup. Just by using the “bottom of the box” contents.

Alright, so Mini Wheats into a soup? Maybe that’s a totally new concept for you and maybe your kids are a bit leary of what it might taste like – but how will you know unless you try it?

Encourage your children to try something new. Maybe have them create a recipe! It is said that when children help with the grocery shopping, preparation and cooking, they are more likely to try new things. Why not try a new recipe as a family and help them measure, stir, and supervise during the cooking?

We can end food waste (or atleast, greatly reduce) if we start emptying those boxes, jars and bottles and use up those food products (and recycle!).

How have you used up the last bits of sauces, pasta, cereal, etc?

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