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Fit For A Mom – Finding A Fitness Strategy That Fits Around Mothering Duties

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Fit For A Mom – Finding A Fitness Strategy That Fits Around Mothering Duties

It’s not uncommon for a woman’s health to be pushed out of the window during pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. However, there comes a time where you must find a way to get back to your former state of fitness. Unfortunately, life is a little different now, so unlocking the most suitable method can become far more difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible mission. It pretty means that now, you have more obstacles and things to work around (like kids running around, piles of laundry, dirty dishes).

As a mom, you’re already achieving so many great things, and this is just one more task to put on your list. Having said that, it’s imperative that any fitness plan is designed to fit around your existing commitments. Embrace the five tips below, and you will not go wrong.

Fitting in Fitness Around Motherhood

  • Exercise at home: Time is the biggest obstacle that any mom will face in her bid for fitness. The most effective way to overcome that hurdle is to complete workouts from home. You can access routines for moms at Moms Into Fitness. Not only can these be tailored to fit around your lifestyle and schedule, but the results are very effective also. This’ll immediately give you a greater chance of long-term success. Working out at home can be as simple and using your floor space, stairs or backyard and definitely doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • Allow treats: As a parent, you cannot realistically expect yourself to eat a perfectly healthy diet without a single slip. There’s nothing wrong with having a treat, as long as it’s in moderation. Meanwhile, it’s equally imperative that you learn to make smarter decisions even in those off moments. These peanut butter cup treats are a great example of how you can enjoy the badness while still getting good fats and other key things. With our choice to eat a low carb way of eating, we still have quite a few things we enjoy that aren’t “bad”. Find substitutions, watch your portions and you be mindful of things like birthday cake – one serving and that’s it.

  • Think about your metabolism: Nutrition isn’t simply about counting calories. Eating the right foods at the right times will put you on a far stronger pathway for success. Learning about the benefits of having a black coffee and a pint of water in the morning can transform your whole approach. Meanwhile, supplements and other nutritional aspects should not be ignored for a second. Let’s face it; if your body is burning calories at a quicker rate, it’ll make the whole process far easier.

  • Work out with the kids: OK, so you might not want to get your youngsters into lifting weights at the age of four or five. Still, a healthy relationship with fitness is crucial for all children, and there’s nothing wrong with letting them get involved. You can also use interactive video games and sporting activities to combine family time with exercise in a positive manner. You can learn more about the latter with help from the experts at Parents. If it can have a positive impact on the whole family, you’d be a fool to miss out. My kids love going to for walks, hiking and to playgrounds so we can do all of those as a family and no one considers it a work out. It’s fun, family bonding time!

  • Be organized in general life: Ultimately, you’ll only make time for workouts and healthy living choices when you are in control. Therefore staying on top of other duties, ranging from daily chores to work is key. Furthermore, you must learn to take greater responsibility with your finances. After all, money worries are the biggest source of stress. When coupled with the challenges posed by parenthood, this could bring disaster. Conversely, feeling in charge of your life will put you in the best mindset for sustained fitness too. It’s funny how you can start to see pieces of your life come together one by one the more organized you become. Set up routines, create new habits and you’ll see firsthand what I mean.


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