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Dress Up Your Next Costume Party With These Fun Ideas

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Costume parties aren’t just for kids. And they certainly aren’t just for Halloween either! In fact, adult costume parties are increasingly popular at the minute, and you may find that people start to throw them for their birthday and other celebrations! After all, what’s more fun than a party than one where you get to pretend to be someone else?! These types of parties are always so much fun as everyone will enjoy seeing all their friends looking very different to usual.

Do you think your next party will be a fancy dress one? Here are a few tips to ensure that it goes off with a bang!

Stick With A Theme

First of all, it’s best to pick a theme. Sure, you could just plan a party without a theme and ask your guests to come dressed up as whatever they like, but they could find the choice a bit overwhelming. At least a theme will give them a few firm ideas, and it could make inspiration come a bit easier. If you can’t decide on a theme, take a look at for some ideas. You might even find a few theme-related party decor pieces on there that you could use as well!

Host It At Home

When you are thinking about where to host your costume party, you have two main options: host it at home or rent out a venue like With this kind of party, it’s best to go with the former option and have it at your own home. That’s because your guests won’t have to get through town dressed in their costume, which could be quite embarrassing. If they live close to you, they can simply nip run around to yours, and not many people will see them! Not only that, though, but hosting it at yours will also save you the expense of renting a venue.

Send The Invites Well In Advance

With most parties, you can just let your guests know about them a week or two in advance. However, that isn’t wise when you want to throw a costume party. It’s far better to give your guests plenty of notice so that they have plenty of time to plan their costume. Some of your guests might even be making their costume from scratch and this could take them a few weeks. So, if you give everyone about a month’s notice, then they should have more than enough time to get their costume ready.

Don’t Make Dressing Up Obligatory

Of course, just because you are hosting a costume party, it doesn’t mean that all of your guests have to show up in a costume. You should leave this as an option. Not everyone is a fan of dressing up, and some people might be embarrassed by it. Make it clear this wearing a costume is optional and then there’s no risk of someone not attending just because they don’t want to wear a costume.

Have a great party!


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