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DIY Eye Makeup Remover

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Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the things we put into our bodies & forget that what we put on them is just as important. Our skin is our largest organ, and it is a great thing when we can find recipes to use that have good ingredients, instead of toxic ones, in them. This DIY eye makeup remover is one of those! It not only will last you several months, & save you money, but you will get the great benefits from all the ingredients.

The fractionated coconut oil alone is so good for you and each essential oil added has its own unique benefits. The lavender is calming for your skin (and your body on the whole!) as well as helping to get rid of spots, blemishes and scars. Frankincense has a wealth of benefits, but just in relation to skin is so great & has been used for ages for skin treatments, helping to reduce any marks. Geranium is refreshing & uplifting for you & helps to balance oils in your system.

DIY Eye Makeup Remover

Ingredients and Supplies:

A glass 10 ml size roller ball bottle
Fractionated coconut oil (any, as long as it’s the fractionated and not the regular, thick cooking type, will work.)
10 drops pure Geranium essential oil
10 drops pure Lavender essential oil
12 drops pure Frankincense essential oil
Optional, glass pump bottle for the fractionated coconut oil

One thing to note: If you are not using a pure oil, and are buying the type of oils they sell right off the shelf in a local store, chances are you are not getting a pure form. They are allowed to have a huge percentage of fillers in them, such as perfumes. So if you are trying to keep this a safe and pure mixture, read your labels first! If they say “not safe for ingestion” on them, there’s a good chance they are not safe for your skin either


I personally like to put my fractionated oil in a pump, to make it easy for filling these roller bottles, so to start with, that is what I did. Sometimes the other type can leak and run down the bottles and waste the oil. This is just optional, but a tip I like to share!

Start by putting the essential oils into the roller bottle, and then top it off with the fractionated oil. Fill it just to below the top where the bottle gets thinner and the top screws on. If you go above that line, then when you put in the roller ball, it will cause the oils to spill up and out the top. Now, push down the roller ball part well, making sure it clicks in there and is flush with the glass bottle top, or it will leak.

Place on your lid and you’re all set!

I like to make a label for mine, and note the # of drops I used, so that next time I can make it again easily, or add more of something if I feel the need. And I use scotch tape over the sticker so it doesn’t get ruined in time with the oils that may drip on it.

To use: Roll a few times back and forth on a cotton ball and then dab over the eye to remove makeup as needed.