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Date Night In With DiGiorno Pizzeria! Thin Pizzas #YouBeTheJudge

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Date night with DiGiorno Pizza


I know for a fact I am not the only parent who looks forward to that sweet couple of hours after the kids go to bed. That few hours is our almost nightly “date night in”. We can have OUR dinner then, we can watch the movies WE want, we can even play video games if we want!

Date night in for us is a great time to unwind, destress from the day’s work, and have an adult conversation. There are some super simple steps I take to ensure we have a great date night:

1. The kids are in bed, nice and cozy and asleep. This is kind of important, since we want to spend time together and not stuck waiting for little ones to fall asleep.

2. We have entertainment. If we’re playing video games, the batteries for controllers are charged. If we are watching a movie, we’ve already decided on it. Nothing bums me out more than spending 10 minutes arguing about what to watch!

3. We are comfy. We change into pajamas, grab blankets, and make the sofa ours.

4. We are hungry and have our favorite meal, pizza, ready to go! DiGiorno’s Pizzeria! Thin pizzas are my favorite, I’m a big thin crust fan. I also kind of love having my pizza cut into squares, and since these pizzas ARE square, you just kind of have to! We can start the oven at the same time we are getting the kids to bed, get the pizza in the oven, finish getting ready, and by the time we are done so is our pizza!

DiGiornia Primo Pepperoni Pizza

Have you had these DiGiorno pizzas before? They available in four delicious varieties, including:

    • Supreme Speciale: Topped with caramelized onions, red & green peppers, premium pepperoni, Italian sausage
    • Primo Pepperoni: Topped with premium pepperoni
    • Margherita (unique to Thin): Topped with diced roma tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, parmesan, romano and asiago cheeses
    • Spinach & Mushroom (unique to Thin): Topped with spinach, garlic, mushrooms

It’s really easy to please the whole family with these options. We opted for the Primo Pepperoni and loved it. We baked ours on a cookie sheet that has holes in it (it’s a special pizza pan) and our crust was nice and crispy. I LOVE a good crispy crust.

DiGiornio Pizza Primo Pepperoni

Oh, and the last tip for a great date night in? HAVE FUN! It doesn’t matter if it’s been a long week, if it’s been raining non stop, if the bills are piled high, if there are dishes to do, this time is about you and your significant other and that’s it. It’s something hard to forget about everything else, but for a healthy relationship, do it!

Go get yourself a DiGiorno pizzeria! thin pizza and let DiGiorno know what you think by sharing on social media with the hashtag #YouBeTheJudge

DIGIORNO is so confident you’ll agree that new pizzeria!™ thin is delicious, that it is offering a “Love It Or It’s Free Guaranteed” refund. If for some reason you try the new pizzeria!™ thin and don’t like it, you can visit for more information on how to receive a refund. How awesome is that?!

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