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Celebrate Family Firsts With Kings Island

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Celebrate Many Firsts With Kings Island

If you live within driving distance of Mason, Ohio then you know that no summer is complete without at least one visit to Kings Island. It’s one place where you can satisfy that need for speed, splash around in a water park, and enjoy family-friendly activities and rides and leave exhausted. What’s better than that?

I can tell you a few things – first roller coaster rides, first Cirque de Soleil performances, first looping coaster ride. The park can hold so many “firsts” for you and your family, you just have to get there and have fun!

Our last trip there was yet another blast, thanks to our partnership with Blog Meets Brand and Cedar Fair. We also stayed the latest we ever have with the kids – until the midnight closing! With the fireworks at 10pm, it typically signals “closing time” for us, but we went ahead and stayed! The kids were champs, and I’m sure the excitement was what kept them going (I know it did for me, I am too old for this all -day stuff haha!). Listen to your kids though – if they start complaining about tired legs, or seem to be getting bored, it might be time to head for the car. We always save the shops and candy store for the end of our day so we stop in on our way to the exit and you can tell by then how slow we are walking that we are done.

Kings Island in Mason Ohio

One of the biggest things we did was get to ride the new Mystic Timbers ride. If you follow Kings Island on social media, you’ve probably seen the sneak preview photos and videos asking “What’s in the shed?”. Well… I can’t tell you! I CAN tell you that the ride is amazing, and if you know me, you know I have a love/hate relationship with roller coasters. On one end, I can’t stand the anticipation and fear that builds as you wait in line and get closer. Then there’s that rush of fear as you sit down and realize you can’t back out now (well, you could, but that’s totally embarrassing). You ride it and as it pulls into the station, the love side of things kicks in because that post-ride exhilaration is AMAZING and so worth it. The shaky legs, the pounding heart, so so worth it.

Mystic Timbers 100% delivers on that with its airtime and speed. It’s worth the wait (which you can beat with a Fast Pass or make it your very first ride and get there early), so get there and ride it! Oh, and we rode in the very first car and if that’s your thing, definitely do it. Seeing the track out in front of you is pretty awesome.

Another first that we had was Brenden’s first looping coaster – Vortex! Well, he had no idea that it went upside down and a did a corkscrew… so his eyes were closed the entire time… but he did it! I got to ride it with him and I totally forget what a rush it is. I left with a raspy voice because of how much I screamed!

The day was packed with firsts because another one was Gavin and Haley’s first roller coaster! Planet Snoopy is such a perfect area for them, they can ride just about everything and everything is family-friendly. I was surprised with how much they enjoyed the coaster and wanted to ride again, so when that happens, we definitely let them go again.

First roller coaster ride at Kings Island

Kings Island also has great shows and performances you can check out, like Origins: A Cirque Experience. You guys. This was my first ever Cirque show and while I’d seen videos online and on TV, it does NOT compare. It was incredible. It was also in the theater with air conditioning and comfy seats, so an added bonus. Shows like this are a great way to take a break from the rides, great for after eating so you can rest.

Origins Cirque Experience at Kings Island

If your family is nothing but waterbugs and fish, plan to visit Soak City. My suggestion would be to hit Soak City during the day and enjoy the roller coasters and such in the evening. Have everyone wear their swim suits and bring towels and sunscreen with you (you can rent lockers). You can also get your hands stamped if you want to take all of the Soak City gear to your car instead of lugging it around the park in the evening.

If you want to get to Kings Island, buy your tickets in advance at any Kroger location or even online! You can also buy tickets for things like Dinosaurs Alive! online for convenience sake.

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