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Can You Make Money As A Delivery Driver?

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Let’s set the scene: you’re at home, without a job, looking to make some money. As such, you explore all the different careers available to you. Some of them require years of studying and lots of qualifications. While they end with great job rewards, you’re looking for a career that you can do right away. Thankfully, many options are available – including a career as a delivery driver. 

I’m sure you’ve had packages delivered to your home by people in their cars or a non-branded truck. These people are basically freelance delivery drivers that transport loads of different packages to many people. In this line of work, you aren’t contracted to a specific shipping company or business. Effectively, you deliver anything that’s available! 

The question is, can you make money from a job like this? If so, it presents a great stepping stone career or a part-time job while you pursue your true interests. Well, the short answer is yes, you can make money. To learn how, carry on reading…

Work as a freelancer

As mentioned above, freelance delivery drivers exist throughout the world. For me, this is the smartest approach to this type of work. You can work for a company like UPS, but your earnings potential is limited by how much they pay you. As a freelancer, you can pick and choose how and when you work. Therefore, there’s no ceiling on what you earn – the more you deliver, the more you make!

Sign up to a relevant website

The way I think about this is the same way I’d approach life as a freelance writer or graphic designer. In either case, you’d probably sign up for a freelance website to find work. The site basically works as a go-between for customers and freelancers. The same applies to this career; find a site that provides delivery jobs for you to choose from. In essence, you create an account and make yourself available. Then, jobs are directed to you, and you can choose to take them on or not. It’s the easiest way of finding work!

Keep the operating costs low

Bear in mind that you’re basically self-employed, so you have to file a tax return at the end of the year. As such, the amount you earn will also be offset by the amount of money it costs to perform your job. Keep the operating costs as low as possible to make as much money. A brilliant example of this is using an electric vehicle for your deliveries. Instantly, you’ve slashed the cost of fuel when doing your job. 

All in all, you definitely can make money as a delivery driver. Going down the freelance route is probably your best bet, and you can make a solid career out of this. Some of you might be satisfied with this being your full-time job. For others, it’s an excellent option to pursue if you’re between jobs or studying for qualifications. You can earn a bit of money on the side while you work towards your dream career.

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