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Building Then Conjoining The Garage First Floor

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Growing families need bigger and bigger homes. But there’s only so much redesigning and redecorating that you can do before you eventually run out of the room. This when garden houses, conservatories and loft conversions begin to become enticing. Here’s one more option to add to that list. A garage first floor. This is totally outside the box but it’s completely within the realm of possibility. The garage is inherently a strong structure. It’s designed to protect larger vehicles and house many other household items such as lawnmowers and tons of tools. An extra room that doesn’t need the foundation to be put in, has already saved you thousands of dollars. Joining this room to the main home isn’t as difficult as it might seem initially.

The initial impressions
Garages are never designed to have really strong roofs. It’s a building that does have strong foundations, but it’s a type of structure that is designed to be flexible. This essentially means you can add to it at a later date. Contact a custom home builder and have them take a look at your garage. They will assess the strength of the structure and engage with you in terms of the design. Air pollution is a practical concern but modern air conditioning units and extraction fans will take care of these worries. Conjoining the home to the room could be done by extending a narrow enclosed bridge. The custom builder has a few case studies such as the Ravenna home which has a garage first floor and was sold for a staggering $1.9 million. It was an extensive remodel which preserved the foundation during the construction.

The style and use

This new room doesn’t have to be a bedroom. It can be any type of room you want. However, it does make the most sense to have it designed as an entertainment room. Here is where your family can play pool, watch movies on the home theater system or perhaps just get away from the house to read a book in peace. That’s why the conjoining is so important as you can simply walk from your main home to the garage first floor without ever going outside. Since it is not technically an original part of the home, you can go wild with the decor. Your home has a chosen style but the garage first-floor room should be eclectic. Pick and choose the decor items you want without any pressure to have everything ‘fit’ in.

Is it worth it?

Why choose to extend your garage than to build a garden home? The simple as is, it’s simply half the work yet your home’s value will increase the same. If you were to build a garden house it would require a large construction team to first dig out the soil, create the foundation, then construct the room. With a garage extension, you’re working with a strong foundation so you’ll need half the materials which makes it far more cost-effective.

Garage first floor rooms are excellent for guest houses but also, great for creating a lounge room for your family. It’s half the cost of a garden home as you’re using the already-existing infrastructure.

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