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Back to School, Oh, Back to School!

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first day second grade 2013


Gosh, it was so foggy on the first day of school!

So here we are, another school year but this time we’re at a new school AND riding the bus! He has to wake up early because now he leaves a little after 7 – last year we didn’t leave until 8:15. So far, so good. He’s excited about school, riding the bus has been smooth, and there have been no tears. Woo hoo!

At the new school, he has a real schedule to follow, with bells and class changes and even his own locker. He’s pretty excited about that but it all just makes him sound so old, doesn’t it? It’s only second grade!

What we are most excited about is that this school is going to help him in the areas that he needs it most. Handwriting, math, reading are the toughest but I think this year is going to be good. We needed this change and while it’s unfortunate how everything had to happen, I’m glad it all did.

I can’t wait to see what all they do this year and to share with you!


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