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Are You Worried About Burnout?

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If you are in a career you are enjoying, you are in a privileged position. Many people wake up in the morning hating their job, their boss, their commute – even their coworkers. It’s not often that people immerse themselves in a position that they genuinely love, and when they do, they really are the lucky ones! Some people love their jobs so much at the beginning, and then over time, they fall out of love with it. The pressure, the stress, the small things gradually become the big things: it all adds up!

Burning out is not something that anyone anticipates at the start of their time in a new job. It’s something that is slow; you’re the frog in the boiling water: sitting and feeling fine until all of a sudden, burnout. Before you know it, you’ll be quitting your job and retraining with the University of Nevada Reno because your industry’s pressure just got too much! If it’s something you’re concerned about, you should learn the signs before it becomes a real problem for you. Below, we’ve got some of the most common signs of burnout listed so that you can recognize them early.

  • You’re Just Not Excited. It used to be the case you’d practically skip to work. Your boss was terrific and always paid attention to you and what you needed. You liked the people in your team, and the projects that were on offer made you feel fulfilled. And then your boss left, the dynamic changed and the turnover got higher and higher. Things changed, and you’re just not excited about working there any longer. There’s no buzz, and it’s a red flag for burnout!
  • You Don’t Try. A lack of enthusiasm often comes from feeling negative about your situation. If you find yourself just not caring anymore, it’s time to look at stepping back for a while and having a moment to reset.
  • You Are Not Performing. Long gone are the days of the top salesperson in your company. The negativity that leads to a lack of trying also leads to poor performance in the workplace. It’s a huge red flag for burnout, as you are spending more time feeling like you’re slowing down and less time hitting your targets.
  • The Exhaustion Is Real. When you burn out because of your job, you spend more time feeling utterly run down and exhausted than you do excited about the work you have ahead. Burnout is very real, and the exhaustion that comes with it is just a part of the process.

The best thing to do when you feel like you’re burning out is to take a step back and regroup. 

You’ll never regret taking a moment to help yourself and figure out what you want to do once more. No career in the world is worth risking your health, so you must recognize the signs of burnout and combat them early. The faster you work on it, the better.

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