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5 Easy Ways to Balance Mom Life and Working From Home

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Working from home and being a mom can be challenging. It’s easy to feel torn between whether you should be working or playing with your kids. When Quartet reached out and asked to work with me, I loved the idea of showing you something I’m asked OFTEN! While this post is sponsored, all of my opinions and ideas are true (and hopefully helpful)!

I used to have this same struggle, but thankfully a few years back I learned how to balance mom life and working from home life. 

As I found this balance my life has become less stressful and I feel like I am more connected with my family, but yet at the same time capable of working more and being more effective doing so! 

Today I am sharing 5 easy ways to balance mom life and work life. 

Have Business Hours and Family Hours

My number one secret to balancing mom life and working from home is to set business hours and family hours. 

My working hours start early before the kids are up. I answer emails, make my to-do list, and begin setting my priorities. If I have a little more time then I start my first task.

When the kids get up, I put my computer away and focus on family life. I get the kids breakfast, get the kids off to school and start my household tasks. 

Once the kids are settled, I then take a couple hours to focus on work. My kids have learned these are working hours so during summer they usually let me work unless they need something. I set a timer to make sure I end on time no matter what I am doing. 

After my timer goes off, I put work away and it stays away until after the kid’s go to bed and I have spent some time with my husband. 

I then work for about an hour or two to get the rest of my tasks done. I then put the computer away and start again the next day. 

Why I Set “Working Hours”

Before adopting this schedule I would spend my whole day trying to balance work and family life… 

The kids would sit down to breakfast and I would stand in the kitchen trying to get something done for work “real quick” only to be interrupted by the kids arguing about who got more cereal in their bowl or who gets to pick the next show on TV. 

So I would have to stop to help solve the problem and then return to my work task. 

After a few minutes of working again, of course, there would be a spill that would need my attention. So I would go clean it up and then return to my work task. 

This is how my WHOLE DAY would be… I wouldn’t get much done for work and I would only get the bare minimum done around the house and with the kids. 

Once I established work hours and family hours I am more present with my family, my house is cleaner, and I am completing tasks much faster for work because I am able to focus on them. I really saw how these working hours let me take on large projects and it helped those that I worked with know when I would be available or unavailable. It created balance at home, but boundaries at work that allowed me to actually be more productive.

Be Organized

Another key to balancing mom life and working from home is being organized. Here are some simple tips to stay organized.

  • Make a to-do list
  • Have a planner/ family calendar
  • Create a routine
  • Turn off notifications on your phone while working
  • Keep an organized desk

Keeping an organized desk has always been a struggle until I got my Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad

This Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad is perfect to write down my tasks, my inspiration, my reminders, and helps me organize my entire day. I love that it is dry erase so that each day, or multiple times a day, I can erase my completed tasks and write more! I am no longer relying on endless notebooks or sticky notes to write down every thought I have throughout the day. 

This computer pad has totally cleaned up the look of my office. It is so easy to write notes on the dry-erase surface and it has a super sleek modern style which I love! 

Organization is key when trying to balance two demanding jobs! 

Have Special Activities / Toys

When it is working hours my kids actually get really excited these days. It is because we have special toys and activities that they can play with only when I am working. These include quiet activities like playdoh, books, puzzles, workbooks, etc. 

They sometimes even get electronic time, which they get really excited about!  

Batch Work

I love batching work not only for my job, but for my family too! 

If you are wondering what batching is, it is basically doing the same tasks all at the same time to save time from jumping from one thing to another and back again. 

How I batch is I write down all my tasks on my Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad then I figure out which ones I should do together. This saves me so much time, energy and effort. 

When it comes to work I usually batch work the following:

  • Emails
  • Returning phone calls
  • Scheduling Social Media
  • Writing Content 
  • Taking Pictures
  • Promoting Content
  • Networking 
  • And the list goes on and on 

You might wonder how batching works in family life, but it does! Here are some great batching ideas for around the home

  • Put all the laundry away after all the loads are folded, rather than after every load.
  • Run errands all in one trip. Make a list of where you need to go and then be sure to go in order so you aren’t running all over the town and back again.
  • Cleaning. Rather than clean for 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, clean for an hour at a time to get a bunch done while you have the cleaning supplies out. 
  • Cooking. Meal prep is a great way to say a ton of time. You can do this with easy breakfasts, lunches for the kids to take to school and dinners. 
  • Self Care. Rather than a two-minute self-care break 10 times a day, take a 20-minute break once a day so that you ACTUALLY feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

What are some other things you can batch do to help you balance better?


My final and probably most important way to balance mom life and working from home is to disconnect. 

When it is family time, make sure it is family time. Disconnect yourself from your computer and your phone and enjoy being with your family, your Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad will be waiting for you with your to do list when it is time to work again. You may even want to grab one and let the kids keep one in their homework space, or use it or keeping score during games, or for writing notes to each other. It’s better for the environment, too!

How do you balance mom life and working from home? Share in the comments!  

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